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Medicinal Mushrooms: Fruiting Body vs Mycelium

Mushrooms are widely believed to be highly nutritious, yielding numerous health benefits. Their popularity is partly due to their natural abundance and delicious umami flavour, coupled with the fact that many varieties of mushrooms are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Mushrooms are more than just a healthy source of proteins and carbohydrates though....






How Organic Micellar Casein will increase your lean muscle mass

Protein supplements are taken to ensure a positive nitrogen balance and to stimulate protein synthesis for maximum lean muscle mass gain. Most supplements are designed to make the amino acids available to cells as soon as possible causing a big, but transient peak in protein synthesis. However, preventing muscle protein breakdown is just as important as stimulating new synthesis, and this is where organic micellar casein comes in.










 Is pre workout right for you?

 When looking at the various ergogenic supplements available to help you reach your goals you

might have come across pre-workout supplements and wondered whether they would be useful

for you. You might already be taking supplements such as creatine and a eating a high protein

diet and you might think that this is sufficient to achieve maximum benefits from your training....











Organic Micellar Casein vs Whey protein Isolate

Micellar casein and whey are both the major forms of proteins found in milk. They are both complete proteins, meaning that they contain all ten of the essential amino acids that have to be obtained from the diet, and they will both provide the important anabolic branched chain amino acid leucine. Other than that, however, because of their very different rates of digestion, they have very different effects on the body. Despite their difference they both support an anabolic state, and, if taken together will work synergistically to increase lean muscle gain.









How GABA benefits your body.


GABA is generally known as gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter. muscle tone. Chemically, GABA is an amino acid and is responsible for generation of nerve impulses which  GABA is responsible for regulating the nerve impulses in the human body which helps in maintaining theThese neurotransmitters are specific in their role and require a specific receptor for proper functioning.are  helpful to the body in regulating different functions. The GABA is essential for the opening of ion    channels of the cells. The potassium and chloride channels of the cells are regulated with the help of GABA. Neurons which produce GABA are called as GABAergic neurons.








Health Benefits of BCAA explained.

The BCAA (branched chain amino acid) group consists of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and 

valine. The name comes from their chemical structure, these amino acids have a side chain that

contains one carbon. BCAA are essential amino acids, our bodies can’t synthesise them and they

have to be obtained from the diet. Like other amino acids they are the basic building blocks of proteins,

and hence necessary for life. However, they also have some very specific signalling functions,











Hemp Protein, What are the benefits?

In case most of you are unaware. Hemp protein has some very unique nutritional factors. It happens to contain a balanced amount 

of the two vitamins Omega 3 and 6 which help sustain human health. It contains the complete spectrum of amino acids meaning it

provides complete protein, and it also has an immense amount of trace mineral content. You could look at hemp seed as one of

nature's most precious foods.













Tyrosine is one of the most important amino acids, which is used in the synthesis of structural proteins. important one, because it is used in the production of neurotransmitters. Some researchers say thatAlthough proteins are made up of different other amino acids but tyrosine is considered to be the most tyrosine directly affects the brain. Tyrosine is also a pigment imparting agent for the human skin. Dietary sources of tyrosine are dairy products, meat, eggs, fish and oats. Tyrosine was found to bean essential building block of few hormones. 










How MSM benefits your body.

A body is made up of healthy, flexible cells, and body undergoes wear and tear all the time. New cells  are replaced with worn out and old ones. This is a continuous process. When all raw materials needed for cell building are available, it is a perfect and efficient process. But, when there are deficiencies, the new cells may be deformed or weak.











Artificial sweeteners in your supplements are ruining the whole effect.

You probably think that you choose your supplements based on their ingredients, but manufacturers assume that you will want your supplement to taste good. This is a problem. Because they also reason that most people who buy their supplements will not want to consume additional sugar, they often use artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin, or acesulfame-k. What they don’t tell you is that the artificial sweeteners are ruining the whole effect of the supplement.












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