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Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla
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Leaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian Vanilla

Leaky Gut Guardian by BiOptimizers - Vanilla

Help restore your gut with Leaky Gut Guardian®, the number one gut supplement for healing damaged gut-lining. Leaky Gut Guardian has been specifically developed to taste great and help repair gut-lining with effective probiotics, prebiotics, and the specialist ingredient, IgY Max™. Packed with nutrients and food for good bacteria, Leaky Gut Guardian aids the survivability of the bacteria your gut needs and helps your immune system flush out the bacteria your gut does not need. Leaky gut syndrome is believed to contribute to a variety of long-term health conditions such as chronic fatigue. Regular use of Leaky Gut Guardian can help alleviate these conditions, leading to increased energy and improved cognitive function.


● Stops Bloating
● Supports Gastrointestinal Health
● Increased Energy Levels
● Better Nutrient Absorption
● Improved Immunity Response
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