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Blue Cannatine
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Blue CannatineBlue Cannatine

Blue Cannatine


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Welcome to the Blueniverse! Blue Cannatine is our flagship nootropic at Troscriptions (Tx) designed to launch you into flow, enhancing your memory, recall, productivity, focus, and verbal fluency

Blue Cannatine is a synergistic combination of pharmaceutical grade methylene blue, nicotine, hemp crystals, and caffeine.

Blue Cannatine users report:
Massive Boosts in Productivity and Focus
Easy Access to Flow
Increased Verbal Fluidity
Enhanced Memory and Recall
Enhanced Athletic Performance
4 troches per box (up to 16 doses)
Please scan QR code for full instructions - DO NOT CHEW!
Must be 18+ to purchase
This Product can NOT BE SENT TO SWEDEN!
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£34.99 / pcs
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