Can Maca help with Anxiety disorders?
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Can Maca help with Anxiety disorders?

Can Maca help with Anxiety disorders?

A lot of people try to search for natural remedies for dealing with anxiety disorders; they do this so as to avoid the most devastating side effects of medications. Maca is one of the natural plants that have been linked with mood altering characteristics; maca is adaptogenic in nature and has powers in improving the mood of an individual thereby alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Anxiety can be described as a normal body response to a stressful condition or situation and everyone will exhibit such symptoms at one point or the other. Clinical anxiety disorders are used to described a situation where you have symptoms of anxiety even when the real cause of such anxieties cannot be found or detected. The common anxiety disorders are used to described the fear of everyday occurrences, and things that may happen in the nearest future, some of the most prominent symptoms of anxiety include; irritability, feelings of constant tension, abnormal sleeping patterns, irregular heartbeats, unexplainable weight loss or weight gain, excessive alcohol consumption, irrational consumption of food, and avoidance of public gatherings.

Anxiety might be treated with psychotherapy procedures or services but such treatments may not work for everyone, herbal remedies for anxiety has been proven to be some of the most long-lasting therapies for dealing with anxieties and depression, Maca plants have also been associated with these ongoing research because of its potential mood elevating components.

Maca is referred to as the super food of the “Andes”, it has also remain one of the export crops of the Peruvians to many countries of the world. “Interrogative magazine” in its published a December 2008/ January 2009 edition made mention of a 48 woman who was passing through a pre-menopausal period was offered maca root for 6 weeks and after the end of the 6 weeks , it was discovered that her menopausal anxiety symptoms have reduced by more than half. Several other researches conducted have shown that anxiety symptoms in post-menopause women reduced significantly over a short and long period of times.

One thing that should be noted here is the fact that many people often think they can use maca anyhow without a recommendations. Taking Maca out of the recommendable dosage can lead to the reversal of many of its benefits. If you are having some health issues such as thyroid conditions, you need to consult your doctor before you take maca in its raw form or supplemental form. Maca components can react with certain medications {especially over-the-counter drugs}, you need to check this before consuming the herb. The dried maca roots are commonly mixed with the milk to form the porridge.

Maca is generally safe when consumed with caution and it has been linked with the possibilities of reliving symptoms of stress , anxieties and disorders. This plant is as well used to cure the infertility, even though research extensive still has to be done, this property is also ascribed to glucosinolates found in root whereas it is an aromatic isothiocyanates, particularly p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate that has aphrodisiac properties. Animal study showed promise that the Maca can be very useful in treating the male infertility. In the animal studies it is showed it had the positive effect in production of the sperm and normalizing prostate. Even this herb is used mostly to help with the infertility, erectile dysfunction and increasing the sexual activity & sexual desire, the herb has a lot to offer – and research has also looked at an effect that Maca has on the menopausal women as well as reducing the high blood pressure.

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