Cocoa and resveratrol
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Cocoa and resveratrol

Cocoa and resveratrol

 Most people often associate resveratrol with red wine, they do not know that raw cocoa beans also contain a huge deposit of this wonderful nutrient that helps develop a healthy heart and also helps shed some weight. Thick skin Muscadine grapes have the highest concentration of resveratrol, and researches have confirmed that individuals who consume red wine in moderate amount can reduce their chances of developing cardiovascular disorders by as much as 45%. Resveratrol does not only help the body against cardiovascular infections, it also helps protect the brain and nervous system, neutralizing free radicals that damage the body’s cells and promoting longevity.

It is believed that resveratrol is present in an appreciable amount in cocoa; nutritionists also warn that you must avoid bad chocolates that incorporate fruits into the processing and eat more of dark chocolates that contain less sugar and essential nutrients like resveratrol. Milk chocolate for instance contains milk which is capable of cancelling out the anti-oxidizing effect of chocolate. Milk is capable of binding antioxidants like resveratrol, making it impossible for the body to absorb them. It is also believed that chocolates containing high quantities of sugar should be avoided because they might impair the immune system of the body.

Cocoa, dark chocolate and cocoa powders are the major cocoa forms with the highest concentration of resveratrol. Semi sweet chips, milk chocolates, and chocolate syrup are believed to contain the least amount of resveratrol in the cocoa products. Dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and baking chocolate are believed to contain the resveratrol  contents of up to 14 micrograms to 18.5 micrograms per serving , this is quite small when compared with  832 micrograms of the same resveratrol contain in a single glass of wine. The resveratrol amount in cocoa is just so minute that excessive heat processing of cocoa can destroy its anti-oxidative effects.

The best possible way to have all the resveratrol content in cocoa is to consume the cocoa bean itself, if you want to have it in the chocolate form, you will need to consume around 6.7 grams of dark chocolate in 3 servings a week.

Increased glucose metabolism is one of the benefits of resveratrol; it helps your body metabolize glucose speedily so that they can be converted easily into energy rather than being stored in the liver and some other vital organs as fats. Resveratrol has been found to be helpful in the management of diabetes, and high blood pressure and research are still ongoing to determine its effectiveness in the help against some other life-threatening diseases.

Being a chocolate addict does not make you have access to more nutritional benefits from cocoa, it may lead to some unhealthy problems which include; depression , anxiety and restlessness, it is better to stick with a minimal consumption plan . This food is low in Sodium and Cholesterol. It is as well the good Protein, Potassium and Zinc source, and the good source of the Dietary Fiber, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Phosphorus, and Manganese. Chocolate is actually “cacao” as well as comes from cacao tree, which forms pods and cacao nuts or seeds are grown in the pods. There needs to be something very special about the cacao as even tree is special. In place of pods growing out on limbs like apple, walnut and about every other type of nut or fruit tree, cacao tree grows the pods on trunk. In addition to, making it the odd looking tree and it as well grows these pods in different colors. Thus there are also many benefits of using cocoa and cocoa powder.

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