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Matt Marcinek


Matt Mircinek

MMA Fighter

Bio: Matt Mircinek

Diagnosed with Cerebral palsy at 9 months old and being unable to walk, Matt had to overcome many obstacles in life to become an accomplished combat athlete and coach at Scranton MMA. He currently holds a first degree brown belt in judo, a blue belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu, and was named an AAU All American in Freestyle judo. Off the mat, Matt is a well-traveled motivational speaker and runs a successful blog at

Matt Mircinek recommends:

"Alpha BRAINI'm a guy that wears many hats throughout the day - General Manager at Scranton MMA, coach, instructor, competitor, and motivational speaker. As you can imagine all of these require an intense of amount of focus and mental clarity to be done at their very best and Alpha BRAIN is my secret weapon to staying on task and performing at the very peak of my abilities."

"Schroom Tech SPORT/strong> Remember the Popeye cartoons when he's feeling sluggish, needs a boost and reaches for his can of spinach to go to back to kicking butt? Shroom TECH sport is my can of spinach. If you ever wanted those extra reps in the gym, that one more round on the mat or in the cage, Shroom TECH sport is the thing that will help get you there. "

"As you can imagine, after a long day of managing a gym, teaching about 30 kids, my own training, plus speaking to gyms full of athletes or offices full of business people, there are times I can use a little stress relief andNew MOODis the thing that helps get me there."

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    Die Idee hinter Shroom TECH ™ Sport war, um eine Ergänzung, dass echte Sportler konnten sicher jeden...
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