Fix Your Mood and Your Sleep Will Follow
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Fix Your Mood and Your Sleep Will Follow

Fix Your Mood and

Your Sleep Will Follow

There is a lot of advice floating around online that gives you tips and tricks to get the best sleep. Some people focus on certain rhythms or biological influences that can help you. Then there are those that tell you not to drink coffee past a certain time of day, or they advise you on certain food to eat.

Cortisol is what your body uses to wake itself up, but throughout the day this fades and this is why you become sleepy. Melatonin is the hormone that allows you to sleep peacefully, and this grows throughout the day lulling you to sleep.

Cortisol and melatonin are a special balance in your body that allow you to get the rest that you need. If they are out of whack, then you will not be getting the rest that you need. You have tons of hormones in the body that collect data and adjust hormones based on the information that they receive.

According to research, over 90% of the population has cortisol dysregulation. The world has adapted, and in current society there are many people that do not even step outside during the day. There are others that are only active at night, and this causes problems.

Not only do avoid the sun, but we also purchase food that is filled with preservatives and other junk. We eat these treats and spike our blood sugar which makes it even harder for us to regulate our bodies.

Most people do not have circadian rhythms that are intact. Most research shows that almost every person has something wrong with their inner biological clock. Whatever the case may be, there are solutions to these sleep issues.

For example, your adrenal glands produce hormones and they work under the direction of your body. If your inner indicators are telling your body what to produce the adrenal glands do the work. So, even if you purchase supplements to help adrenal glands produce they will not do so without directives from the brain.

Supplements are not the answer for everything, and you can take as much Vitamin C as you would like and you still won’t be sleeping. The main strategy that you should be using is changing the way that your brain collects data and sends messages. You need to understand what is going on in your environment and how you can change these factors to improve your biological indicators and get the rest that you need.

Many people feel that they are night owls, but they really have an imbalance of cortisol. They often have sugar cravings throughout the day, and get cranky in between meals. These people also despise and avoid breakfast.

Typically, cortisol dysregulation occurs because of an inverted rhythm. People have high cortisol in at night and they are tired in the morning. These individuals could be tired in the afternoon, but they generally have a second wind to help them stay up in the evening. Then, because the cortisol is high in the evening, the entire process starts all over again.

So, there are trainers that may encourage this owl to work out in the evening, and this only further makes their circadian rhythm worse. These individuals need to do the opposite of what feels natural to them to get their rhythm back in check.

In the morning, they should do a little bit of exercise and eat breakfast that has a healthy dose of protein and fat. It is also important that these individuals monitor their blood sugar throughout the day. From here they can look at their lives to see the sources of stress, make sure that they get outside, and get exercise on a daily basis.

These strategies will not work unless they are completed together, but in a matter of a few months their sleep schedule will be completely switched around. However, some people do have weird rhythms and if none of this works you might consider advising them to push some things back.

Fix Your Hormones and Fix Your Sleep Schedule

We are, at the core, animalistic and the sun, moon, and seasons influence our bodies. We have routines based on the month and the season. However, our society is a weird place where you can now get anything 24 hours a day no matter whether the sun is shining or not.

You should not assume that every person is the same, but at the same time most can flip around their sleep schedules if they try. We can improve our biological rhythms so that we get the sleep that we need. All we have to do is a little bit of blood work, questionnaires, or ASI. Once we have these results, we can create an individual plan of action.  

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