Kate Michalkova
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Kate Michalkova

"100% natural protein is very important for me as I am coeliac."

Kate Michalkova

Bikini Competitor

Bio: Kate Michalkova

Mum of two, Pro athlete, bikini champion, best butt award -9 winning titles -Personal trainer -Fit mum -! Female fatloss and body transformation coach-!
After three years of struggling with un-diagnosed coeliac disease and lot of health issues I began the self coaching road to recovery. I introduced fitness and nutrition into my life and never looked back. My passion grew into a profession and fitness competing. My aim is to inspire and motivate not only healthy young people, but people any age group or those currently dealing with any issues. Strong mind set and the right nutrition is the key.


Miami pro European Championships, 5 July 2015:
Bikini over 35...1.place
Fit Mums...1.place
Fitness Model over 35...2.place
Best butt award
3x PRO card awarded
Pure Elite November 2015
Fitness Model over 35...1 .place
TFE TFE Extravaganza
1st in Diva over 35, 3rd in Fitness model, PRO card received
Pure Elite 2013
2nd place in Fitness Model
Miami Pro World Championship 2013
3rd in Ms Bikini over 35

Kate Michalkova recommends:

"XBrain Line of Products  I love XBrain® line of products. Helping me enhance my body and allow me to train, after fighting coeliac disease with autoimmune illness i need clean supplements for my diet. I would highly recommend XBrain® products to everyone."

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