Martin Delaney
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Martin Delaney

"I push myself to the limit in training and (with XBrain Performance Line) I can go harder and longer."

Martin Delaney

MMA Fighter

Bio: Martin Delaney

Martin is a Pro MMA fighter from Scotland who trains out of one of the
best gyms in Europe, the Dinky Ninja Fight Team. With an impressive
record of 10 wins and 1 loss, Martin has an array of skills and can
Submit or T/KO his opponents.

Martin has won 2 title's, "On Top" and "Made 4 the Cage" Lightweight champion aswell as appearing on some of the biggest shows in Europe.
Martin Delaney has joined Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber  to fight for the glory of Europe! It all kicks off on September 9! Ultimate Fighter

Martin Delaney recommends:

"XBrain Performance Line Coming from someone who is very picky about what supplements I take and put into my body, I have to say I love XBrain® line of products. They are safe and very effective in helping to enhance my body and allow me to train, fight, think and live at a much higher, cleaner, and clearer level. Whether you're looking to support the immune system, increase workout output, I would highly recommend XBrain® products to everyone."

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