Paddy Holohan
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Paddy Holohan

"Loving the supplement from @XbrainUk They're keeping me in peak condition for #UFCGlasgow"


MMA Fighter

Bio: Paddy Holohan

"Paddy Holohan is an Irish Mixed Martial Artist who competes in the
Flyweight division of the UFC. He is a professional fighter since 2007
and currently has a record of 11-1.
Paddy trains at the world class gym "SBG Ireland" with coach John
Kavanagh, and has team mates that include fellow UFC stars Conor
McGregor, Aisling Daly and Gunnar Nelson."

Paddy Holohan recommends:

"I support XBrain because they support the sport MMA and the growth of the sport.

Most importantly there is no crap in their products."

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