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Healthy Brain by Brain Enhancers

Modern science reveals the interesting fact that a human brain works on only 10 percent of its capability and still it is one of the most energy consuming organs of the body. Working round the clock and across the week, the brain never stops and keeps manipulating information and gives commands to the whole body. At the same time, the human brain performs the memory storage task as well. A human brain can store lots of information, that’s why we all can remember so much stuff with a little practice and attempt to remember it.

Brain enhancers, both natural and medically treated can improve the functioning of brain. Brain enhancers can be in the form of pills. Nootropics are the brain supplements which have the ability to improve the functioning of brain. What good a brain supplement may do to a brain is as follows.

Brain supplements are a great source of energy, because the brain is the busiest organ in the human body, its need for energy is inevitable to be provided. Glucose is the most important energy component of a human brain. Furthermore, it requires calories and other nourishments which it gets from vitamin B.

Neurotransmitters are the chemicals found in the brain. Dopamine and serotonin are the neurotransmitters which affect ones sense of pleasure and mood respectively. B vitamins and folic acids found in brain supplement increases the levels of these chemicals.

It is an interesting fact that a human brain consists of about 60% of fats and it is highly protected with the covering fats. The brain cells and neurons are protected inside a protective sheath called myelin. It is a cover that keeps away toxic oxygen molecules and protects brain cells from it. This way it acts as an anti-toxicant. These toxicants are found in blood stream.

Taking about the usage of brain supplements as brain enhancers, there are certain other ways tofine tune the brain and bring out the utmost potential it may be carrying. In addition to taking pills and brain drugs, one can also increase intellect by playing games of different sorts or by the use of some very close to nature things.

Puzzle games, chess, cubicles are a fine way to get the brain to think complex and to exercise it. Reading informative books and carrying out research also increases the studying potential as well as the ability of brain to manipulate things. Listening to a particular music is also considered a brain enhancing technique and it is being practiced by a number of people worldwide. Anything that may soothe your head will definitely relax your brain and this subtracts stress.

An even more close to nature way for enhancing brain’s capabilities is to inhale a lot of oxygen. The oxygen we take in gets mixed with blood and it reaches all the organs of our body; that includes the brain. Oxygen plays the role of brain enhancers because when it is inhaled in a large quantity (mainly during running, jogging or exercising) more oxygen rich blood reaches the brain tissues. 

Nootropics as well include purified and extracted components of the medicinal plants, and substances synthesized from the chemical precursors, like piracetam, world's official nootropic (the piracetam was made at 1964 in Belgium by the team of the scientists and whose leader was Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, coined term). After then piracetam is widely used as the cognitive enhancer as well as to treat the neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's. With the nootropics, effects, effectiveness as well as potency vary from one substance to another and from every individual.

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