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  • Exogenous Ketone Base

    Exogenous Ketone Base

    Chocolate Sea Salt
    Perfect Keto Base is a doctor-developed powder made from high-quality beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB).
    £ 54.99
  • Keto Bars

    Keto Bars

    Almond Butter Brownie (12 bars)
    A decadent, keto-friendly bar with only 3g of net carbs and no sugar, sugar alcohols, additives or f...
    £ 36.99
  • Keto Nootropic
    Ketones, herbs, MCTs and collagen to energize the mind and think well.
    Perfect Keto nootropic blend includes exogenous ketones to fuel cognitive activities along with MCTs and grass-fed collagen peptides for lasting fuel, especially for those who like to fast or don’t want to interrupt focused work periods to eat larger meals....
    £ 54.99
  • King Tea
    The King of All Teas

    Sorry other tea, purple tea is just better.

    A crossbred variety of camellia sinesis developed in Kenya, purple tea grows at up to 7,500-feet elevation. This exposes it to ultraviolet light, causing the plant to produce high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins—compounds that protect the tea leaves from damage and contribute to their unique flavor. These same compounds are also found in berries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables and account for their dark red and purple colors. And just like those foods, when consumed by humans, they help scavenge free radicals....
    £ 19.99
  • PurifiedCollagen

    XBrain® Purified Collagen

    XBrain® Purified Collagen ( 450g )
    XBrain® Purified Collagen is an ultra pure collagen protein drink formulated to help you renew,recov...
    £ 29.99
  • MCT


    with Lauric Acid
    Onnit MCT Oil is made from 100% coconut oil. This MCT oil provides quick energy to the body. Onnit's...
    £ 25.99
  • Creatine


    Creatine is one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements in the world, having been shown to ...
    £ 16.99
  • Keto Greens Powder
    Nutrition from 26 different organic fruits and vegetables. Keto approved....
    £ 39.99
  • joint oil

    Joint Oil

    Tangerine Dream flavor
    Joint Oil is an emulsified liquid fish oil designed to support joint mobility, comfort, and health i...
    £ 31.99
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