Steven Ray
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Steven Ray

"I have great workouts (with XBrain Line of products) I strongly recommend these products."

Steven "Braveheart" Ray

MMA Fighter

Bio: Steven Ray

Steven is currently signed to the premier Worldwide MMA organisation the
UFC. He won his debut fight which was on short notice and is determined
to stick around for a number of years. He is only 25 years old and has
the nickname "Braveheart" which is very fitting as he has shown in the
past he will not give up and leaves everything in the Cage each times he
competes. He is a multi promotion Lightweight champion and the sky is
the limit for this athete!

Steven Ray recommends:

"XBrain Line of Products  I love XBrain® line of products. Helping me enhance my body and allow me to train, fight, think and live at a much higher, cleaner, and clearer level. I would highly recommend XBrain® products to everyone."


    Whey Protein Vanilje

    Whey konsentrat 900g
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    Micellar kasein Protein Sjokolade

    et langsomt protein som Støtter vekst i inntil 8 timer
    Micellar Kasein er et overlegent protein produsert med den største forsiktighet med kun mild oppvarm...
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    £ 29.99
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