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Max Eberle


Matt Mircinek

Pro Pool Player

Bio: Max Eberle

Born into a pool playing family and taught to play the game by his legendary Grandfather when he was 12 years old, Max Eberle has become one of the World’s best professional pool players. Known for his precision cue ball control, center of the pocket shot making, and his Houdini like ability to run out a game of 8-ball or any other game, “Mad Max" brings a flair and smooth style to the sport like no other. A three time National 8-Ball Champion and a previously top three ranked Touring Pro, Eberle was voted the 2003 UPA Sportsman of the Year by the billiards industry. He has played around the globe in televised world class tournaments and has given exhibitions to audiences around the world. He has given free clinics and exhibitions for the children at the Boys and Girls Club and the Sunrise Retirement Home. Eberle is the go to guy in Hollywood where he resides, performing and assisting with movies and commercials and working with the likes of Michael Jordan and Matthew Perry. Eberle is an internationally demanded instructor and has his own monthly column in Inside Pool Magazine. Max Eberle is an art lover and award winning artist who believes in the Natural Cures Message. His own father, when diagnosed with cancer, refused the doctor’s prognosis of only 3 months to live and extended his life 20 more years with the natural healing methods he discovered with his own research into the topic. Consequently, Eberle is one of the most health conscious players on tour and is outspoken with his ideas on improving our lives and making the world a better place to live. Eberle thinks that pool is an excellent way for people to access their own self mastery and learn to respect the lives of others, and is a great activity that can help anyone get more fun out of life.

Max Eberle recommends:

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