Nourishing The Brain By Nootropics
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Nourishing The Brain By Nootropics

Nootropics are the brain developing drugs which enhance the brain’s capability to think and to manipulate things. Like other parts of the body, brain demands for nutrition for its sustenance and growth. It is an interesting fact that the brain alone can consume a high percentage of body’s total energy consumption. Not to be deceived by the brain’s small size with respect to the rest of the body, the brain is actually the busiest organ in the whole body. Every other part of your body may rest, but your brain will never sleep. The field of science psychology and the study of brain reveal that even in sleep, a person’s brain is working at its maximum, receiving and sending signals through neurons from and to the entire body.

This functioning of the brain asks for lots of nourishment and energy that has to be provided to this central processing unit of the body in order to keep it working. Oxygen is highly important for the brain. When we inhale oxygen it is mixed with our blood. Our heart then pumps this oxygen rich blood through arteries in the whole body. This is how the oxygen reaches our body cells and tissues. Nootropics, provide the chemicals and vitamins that are good for the mental growth and intellect of a person’s brain.

How do Nootropics Benefit the Brain?

Our brain needs to burn energy in order to carry out its tasks. It uses a lot of energy that constantly need to be replaced. Nootropics provide the brain the energy that takes place of the calories that are being burnt and used by brain at all times. Without energy our brain will lose its performance and we would feel less concentrating and dizzy.

There are certain oxygen molecules found it the blood streams which are toxic in nature. These toxic molecules have the ability to harm the brain cells and to do irreparable damage to the brain. These molecules alsoaffect the neurons which carry out all the information movement across the body. The B vitamins present in the nootropics help to protect against these toxic molecules by making a protective sheath around cells. This sheath is called myelin.

The C vitamins of nootropics may help the brain in increasing the memory. It also may help in the situation of weakening memory because of aging. Vitamin C nourishes the brain and makes it work better.

Omega 3 present in such drugs is a good fat that provides the brain with nourishment and restores the calories burnt by the brain while working. The alternatives to get these vital vitamins and fats are more natural but many people would not like the taste of the vegetable that has the desired vitamins in access. Brain drugs provide these vitamins without having to eat those vegetables.

It is advised to always consult a nutritionist before using any brain enhancing drug and it is also important to carry out a self-research about which vitamins suit your body and genes and which do not. However, what in case, there was the way of changing that? What in case, there was the way improving your intelligence level? What there was the way to slow, and not reverse, our aging of brain? This is an idea behind the nootropics. Piracetam is used even today under the generic name as well as brand name (called Nootropil). It is been prescribed by the doctors and physicians for different afflictions that includes dimentia, stroke, schizophrenia, dyslexia, and alcoholism. It is the safest and non toxic drugs that are available.

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