Hemp FORCE™ Vanill-Açaí High protein superfood, XBrain exclusive UK distributor
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Hemp FORCE™ Vanill-Açaí
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Hemp FORCE™ Vanill-Açaí

High protein superfood

When we created Hemp FORCE Choco-Maca we set a new industry standard for a simple high-performance plant protein with a shockingly delicious flavor. Creating the sequel proved to be no easy task. After over a year in R&D and more than a dozen combinations that didn’t match up, we finally identified the ingredient combination that would be the basis of our new formula. Unwilling to compromise with our commitment to finding the most nutrient dense natural ingredients available, the key was in a combination of mesquite powder and freeze dried açaí berry, a blend of both tart and molasses notes delivered by 100% earth grown ingredients. Adding Chia and Flax seed to the protein and omega rich hemp seed simply enhanced the nutrient potential of this powerful protein superfood.
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