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Product under the microscope AlphaBRAIN

Onnit nootropic Alpha Brain

Onnit’s Alpha Brain supplement is an intelligently designed nootropic that has been demonstrated, in clinical studies, to support brain functions, such as mental speed, response to stimuli, mental clarity, focus and memory. It can be utilised as a standalone supplement or as a part of Onnit’s Total Human complete supplement packs – a clever blend of nutrients that give your body what it needs when it needs it.

Our brains are our most powerful organ – using up to 20% of our body’s total energy and requiring numerous nutrients, vitamins and minerals to survive and thrive. Onnit’s Alpha Brain delivers these via a clever blend of clinically tested nutrients that are known to support brain function. This means that Onnit’s Alpha Brain has the potential to bestow a plethora of amazing benefits, including – improving your ability to focus on tasks, improving your mental speed and improving your response to external stimuli. Onnit’s Alpha Brain underwent a rigorous clinical trial at the Boston Centre for Memory, showing improved memory and brainwave patterns when compared to a placebo. So, you can be confident that Onnit’s Alpha Brain really does work.

Our quality of life is interwoven with our ability to think and react, and Onnit’s Alpha Brain has the potential to help you reach the next level. We use our brains for everything – work, fun, exercise and socialising, meaning that Onnit’s Alpha Brain has the potential to help you do better in pretty much everything – whether you want to focus more on work and chase that promotion, achieve better results in team sports due to a reduction in your response time, react more quickly in social situations and a host of others too numerous to list here, Onnit’s Alpha Brain is the supplement you need to help improve your cognitive faculties.

Onnit’s Alpha Brain can be taken as a standalone supplement, although most people get better results when they take it as part of Onnit’s Total Human complete supplement packs, which provide all the nutrients that your body needs - in two intelligently designed supplement packs that are divided into day and night packs to ensure that you get the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals at the right time of day. If you want to get a leg up in life and really improve your brain function, then Onnit’s Alpha Brain is the right supplement for you.

Benefits of Onnit’s Alpha Brain

Onnit’s Alpha Brain is a nootropic that has been proven in clinical studies to enhance cognitive functions including – mental speed, mental clarity, focus and memory. This means that it has the potential to bestow a plethora of different benefits to anyone who takes it. It can improve learning, athletic performance, social confidence, focus and your reactions to external stimuli. It has been rigorously tested in two academic studies, which demonstrated that the subjects performed better when using Onnit’s Alpha Brain, when compared to a placebo. If you want to help your brain reach another level, then Onnit’s Alpha Brain is the perfect supplement for you.

AlphaBRAIN Ingredients

Onnit’s Alpha Brain contains an intelligent mix of organically grown plants, herbs and spices, ensuring that it delivers the things that your brain needs when it needs them. Many of its ingredients have been used to enhance cognitive faculties for centuries and are deeply rooted in the medical practises of ancient cultures, while also having been the subject of extensive modern scientific studies. This ensures that Alpha Brain is ideal for anyone who wants to boost their cognitive functions.

Bacopa – Bacopa has a long tradition of use in Indian medicine and is believed by them to improve memory and longevity. Recent studies have shown that it can improve cognition by reducing anxiety in people (HK Singh, 1997). Bacopa has also been shown to improve people’s memory, by enhancing the production of certain neurons within our nervous system (S, 2002). It has been demonstrated to increase the growth of neve endings, known as dendrites (S, 2002), promoting better neuron communication. While it is also known to be an antioxidant, reducing the problems that are body has with free radicals. Onnit’s Alpha Brain contains this amazing herb, allowing your brain to benefit from the many incredible things it does.

Cat’s Claw – Cat’s Claw is a plant that is found in the Amazon Rainforest, which is famed amongst ancient cultures for its many incredible medicinal properties. It was used by the Incas as an anti-inflammatory and is now believed to have the potential to stimulate our immune systems, by aiding the development of immune cells (Erowele, 2009). It may also be an antioxidant, helping to limit the damage that oxidative stress places on our bodies (Erowele, 2009). Onnit’s Alpha Brain contains this natural supplement – offering the potential for you to gain the aforementioned benefits.

Huperzia Serrata – Huperzia Serrata is an extract from the plant commonly known as fir clubmoss, which contains the active ingredient known as Huperzine A (HupA) (Wang BS, 2009). An herbal extract that is believed to inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AchE), an enzyme responsible for degrading the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (Ach) (Wang BS, 2009). It is believed that reduced Ach neurotransmission levels lead to declines in learning, memory and attention – meaning that Huperzia Serrata has the ability to facilitate better learning, memory and attention levels. Onnit’s Alpha brain contains Huperzia Serrata, offering the potential for you to enhance your memory, learning and attention levels.

Oat Straw – Oat Straw is derived from green oats and is also called Avena Sativa – people have used it to support cognitive faculties since the Middle Ages and some believe that it has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost energy, reduce anxiety and improve physical performance. Studies have shown that Oat Straw increases alpha-2 brain waves and prevent your artery walls from becoming inflamed – leading subjects who consumed oat straw to perform better in cognitive tests (Kennedy, 2017). Alpha Brain contains a concentrated dose of Oat Straw – offering takers the chance to enjoy the many amazing benefits that it gives.

The Clinical Testing of Alpha Brain 

Alpha Brain underwent rigorous clinical trials in 2015 in a pair of studies conducted by a team of medical experts. The study demonstrated impressive results with Alpha Brain when compared to a placebo showing -

  • 12% greater improvement in verbal recall over placebo (al., 2014)

  • 21% faster completion time in executive function assessment compared to baseline (al., 2014)

  • A single dose of Alpha BRAIN resulted in 26 millisecond faster processing speed time in detecting the target stimuli compared to a single dose of placebo (Leech, 2015)

  • Alpha BRAIN enhanced target discrimination with higher amplitude detection waves in the frontal lobes of the brain (Leech, 2015)

  • Resting EEG recordings showed Alpha BRAIN increased the peak alpha frequency, known to reflect a state of focus (Leech, 2015)

Thus, both studies demonstrated that Onnit’s Alpha Brain showed enhancements in the subject’s cognitive faculties when compared to a placebo. The 12% growth in verbal recall demonstrates that it significantly improves memory, the 26-millisecond improvement in response time demonstrates that it helps reactions, while the alpha wave increase suggests that it also improves overall cognitive function.

What all this means

Life is competition – whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a constant battle to outperform other people. Whether it is in sports, work or our daily lives – we live in a meritocracy, where individuals who perform well get better things in life then those who don’t. If you work for a company then you are competing against other members of staff – for better working conditions, in your daily life, you compete against other individuals for partners, friends and pretty much everything else. Onnit’s Alpha Brain helps you to thrive in this meritocracy, by improving your cognitive function – imagine all the benefits that better focus, better memory retention and improved learning ability can bring. It is best taken as part of Onnit’s Total Human complete supplement packs – which provides a complicated blend of the nutrients that your body needs, when it needs them.


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