Bulletproof Upgraded Ground Coffee – 250g


Start your morning the right way with a cup of Bulletproof Upgraded Ground Coffee and set yourself up for the day. Coffee lovers everywhere will love Bulletproof’s medium-dark roast which is packed with full-bodied flavours and tasty hints of plum, orange, hazelnut and cinnamon. Bulletproof Coffee is as clean as coffees come – it’s ethically sourced, stored and processed and it’s Rainforest Alliance Certified so you can trust it from bean to blend to brew.

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Bulletproof Upgraded Ground Coffee blend is now available to buy in the UK as 250g packages bringing the superb energising coffee formula into your home.

A cup of hot Bulletproof Coffee is the best way to start your morning thanks to its unique blend of Arabica beans and high quality, healthy fats that will leave you feeling energised and focused for the tasks of the day ahead.

Why Choose Bulletproof Upgraded Ground Coffee?

The Unique Ground Coffee blend from Bulletproof mixes delicious flavours to give you a high quality, delicious cup of coffee to begin your morning the right way. The medium-dark roast contains cinnamon and plum alongside notes of orange and hazelnut providing a well-rounded finish.

Choosing Bulletproof means choosing quality. The beans used are 100% Arabica and are not only ethically, but expertly selected and picked in Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. The Bulletproof Clean Coffee Process ensures that every aspect of the coffee making procedure adheres to the highest standards so coffee lovers everywhere can enjoy their brew safe in the knowledge that it’s been cleanly harvested and roasted.

As well as consistently crafting delicious coffee roasts, Bulletproof are Rainforest Alliance Certified meaning that their processes are sustainable and support local growers, their communities and the environment.


Drinking Bulletproof has a variety of benefits for coffee lovers. Choosing Bulletproof as your coffee is a commitment to supporting ethical and sustainable processes. The washing and drying technique used in making Bulletproof Coffee means that the beans are tested for any toxins before being roasted leaving you with only the purest Arabica beans.

As well as 100% Arabica beans, Bulletproof Coffee contains healthy fats including grass-fed butter. High quality fats are a key nutrient to a healthy diet and can reduce hunger and aid calorie burning during the day.

Bulletproof Coffee is deliberately designed to be compatible with keto and vegan diets so you can enjoy it without detrimental effects on your routine. Give yourself the game-changing coffee you deserve with Bulletproof.


Made with Bulletproof coffee beans and Bulletproof process
Made with Bulletproof coffee beans and Bulletproof process


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