Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla
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Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla
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Leaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian VanillaLeaky Gut Guardian Vanilla

Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla

Leaky Gut Guardian® is the ONLY formula that can repair compromised gut-lining… help it rebuild with the right probiotics and prebiotics… and activate the four critical pathways to super immunity

Leaky Gut Guardian is a synergistic blend designed to improve your gut microbiome and heal your gut lining.

IgYmax, a key component of LGG has been clinically shown to reduce the leaky gut marker Zonulin by 95%. Also, it improves the gut lining’s ability to break down histamine, which indicates reduced inflammation.

Many bad bacteria in your gut won’t leave because they camp out in their “biofilms,” which protect themselves from antimicrobials and your immune cells. IgYmax can disrupt these bad biofilms, while the good bacteria strains in LGG are good biofilm builders. Together, both the IgYmax and good bacteria strains help reshape your gut biome and create more good biofilms.

The prebiotics, collagen, and gelatin (for chocolate flavor) in LGG provide food for the good gut bacteria and nutrients that nourish the gut lining. The prebiotics improve the survival of good gut bacteria. Also, when the good bacteria ferment these nutrients, they provide beneficial and gut-healing substances such as butyrate.

Health benefits of Leaky Gut Guardian may include:

Better balanced immune responses
Less gut inflammation
Better nutrient absorption
Reduced bloating and gas
Better digestion
Some people may also find better energy levels, cognitive function, and results from their diet and workout programs. Because leaky gut manifests differently for everyone, individual responses vary.
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