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BioCreatine Optimal Creatine Complex 120ct

BioCreatine from Natural Stacks is a unique creatine monohydrate supplement designed for maximum performance . Creatine is part of a natural energy buffering system in cells, which increases the amount of ATP available to muscle and brain cells when they are very active. The scientific evidence for the health benefits of creatine supplements is very solid, and includes:
Improved endurance during workouts , Gains in lean muscle mass , Increased cognitive function and mental focus , Better bone health and possible prevention of osteoporosis , Neuroprotection and delaying the aging process

BioCreatine differs from the other supplements on the market since the creatine is presented in complex with Himalayan pink salt and fenugreek extract, which ensure its optimal absorption without relying on high glycaemic index carbohydrates.
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