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Performax Forte : The Super Energizer

This is a supplement that can be enjoyed by all whether you're an athlete or someone who just needs a lot energy because you have a busy lifestyle.  Performax ForteTM is a high end performance product that delivers all of the necessary ingredients to boost your energy levels right through the ceiling.  This formulation is like no other in that it combines 5 different varieties of Cordyceps.  These include C. sinensis Alohaensis Hybrid, C sinensis Cs-4, C. militaris,  C. sobolifera,  and C. ophioglossoides.  

Cordyceps is famous for its polysaccharides, amino acids and antioxidants that have powerful medicinal benefits.  Rhodiola rosea, chromium chelate and magnesium chelate have been added to enhance the efficacy of the mushroom combination. The Cordyceps used in this supplement are organically grown in a facility in the United States and are free of toxins and pollutants. 

C. sinensis Alohaensis Hybrid is unique to Aloha Medicinals Inc.  Aloha is a mushroom biotechnology company that is the largest grower of medicinal mushrooms in the world.  Their hybrid includes the mycelium, fruit, spores, primordian and extracellular compounds.  They have actually hybridized C. senensis with rattlesnake venom which has the effect of increasing certain molecules such as nucleosides (adenosine).  These products are run through a nanoprocessing procedure to increase body absorption such that smaller amounts of this product are all you need.  One of the main components of C. senensis is Cordyceptin which has powerful anticancer and antiviral properties because of its ability to inhibit repair mechanisms involving DNA on abnormal cells.

C. senensis Cs-4 is an extract that contains components that have the ability to act as expectorants, antitussives and smooth cell relaxers.  This extract helps to clean up any inflammation in your lungs and open your airway passages such that you can bring more air into the lungs.  This allows for more oxygen to be absorbed by the blood  and be carried to all your cells.  This in turn increases the production of ATP effectively energizing your entire body and brain.  

By combining 5 different mushroom varieties you end up with a full spectrum product that has a wide range of effects.  The effects on the immune system include anti-inflammatory, B cell, T cell, macrophage and Natural Killer stimulation and increased production of interleukins, interferon and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).  This allows for C. senensis's anti-cancer, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  These mushrooms have the ability to activate programmed cell death specifically in abnormal cells only. There are certain molecular components that stabilize blood glucose levels effectively acting as an anti-diabetic.  The mushrooms contain very powerful antioxidants that protect every cell in your body from oxidative stress.  These fungi also contain molecules that inhibit platelet adhesion.  Estradiol and testosterone levels are also increased with oral administration of Cordyceps.  Which means that this fungus can increase hormone levels and fight off impotency.  Clinical trials have demonstrated that 30 percent of the males given oral administration of these fungi returned to a normal sex life and 64 percent showed marked improvement.

Beyond the mushrooms Rhodiola rosea has been added. The roots of this plant have been demonstrated to increase neurotransmitter levels and in particular serotonin and dopamine which are involved in maintaining proper mood balance.  It is believed this is accomplished by inhibiting monoamine oxidase.  Monoamine oxidase is responsible for breaking down these transmitters so when it is inhibited the transmitters remain longer in the synaptic cleft increasing signal strength.  Rhodiola is believed to increase endorphin expression which increases physical endurance  thereby increasing performance.  Endorphins are transmitters that alter brain function such that mental clarity increases as well as physical strength.   

The metals chromium and magnesium have also been added in a chelated form.  Chelating these metals increases absorption in the gut and makes them more bioavailable.  Chromium is important for stabilizing blood sugar levels.  When chromium is inside a cell it binds a protein known as chromodulin when insulin binds its receptor.  This means the cell is ready to take in sugar from the blood.  The chromium-chromodulin complex goes over to the glucose channel and helps bring more glucose inside the cell effectively lowering blood sugar levels beyond what insulin can do on its own.  More sugar inside the cell means more glucose can be broken down during aerobic respiration hence more ATP is made.  This has the effect of energizing the cell to do more work. 

Magnesium has many functions in the body too numerous to mention here however there is one that is germane to this topic and that is energy production in the form of ATP.  Magnesium is an important cofactor on enzymes involved in aerobic respiration in the mitochondria.  When magnesium binds to certain enzymes the enzymes are activated because it changes the shape of the active site on the enzyme.  The enzyme is now ready to bind certain substrates and do work on them.  With a magnesium deficiency, only a few enzymes can be activated slowing down the whole metabolic pathway.  Essentially you will have a sluggish metabolism.

If you are looking for a powerful energizer, Performax ForteTM is what you want.  The combination of 5 different varieties of Cordyceps along with Rhodiola rosea, magnesium and chromium provides a full spectrum product like no other.  Your whole system will be supercharged but you will also reap the benefits of powerful antioxidants to keep you free of oxidative stress.  This is not only important for what you are currently doing but provides longevity as well.

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