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Bobby Robins


Bobby Robins

Pro Hockey Player

Bio: Bobby Robins

Bobby Robins is a professional ice hockey player, known for his rough and tumble style of play, combining big hits and flying fists with gritty goals. After four years of Division 1 college hockey at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Robins turned professional in 2007, signing an NHL contract with the Ottawa Senators. Robins plays the role of an on-ice fighter, or "enforcer," engaging in hockey fights, which are bare-knuckle brawls on skates and in full hockey equipment. Not only a fighter, Robins is also a writer. He writes and maintains the Bobby Robins Blog, which is a collection of creative writing, essays, and prose. Robins graduated Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, where he majored in English-Writing. Robins took a one year Directed Study with Andre Dubus III, best-selling author of House of Sand and Fog. During this one on one study, Robins honed his craft as a creative writer.The Bobby Robins Blog at is a glimpse into the mind of a professional hockey player, balancing his written art with high-level athletic performance.

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