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Xbrain Krill Oil

Xbrain Krill Oil (60 Cap )

XBrains’ Krill Oil is superior to fish oil as a source of essential polyunsaturated omega 3-fatty acids. The oil is obtained from sustainably harvested Atlantic krill, which are cold pressed immediately after being caught. Unlike most fish oils, Krill oil contains the perfect ratio of the DHA to EPA omega-3 fatty acids, which are bound to phospholipids for maximum absorption efficiency.

The omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids are essential for health. They are the precursors to a number of eicosanoids and signalling molecules that play an essential part in both the immune system and the brain. DHA is the predominant fatty acid in the central nervous system, and is essential for neurological development and function. The longer EPA fatty acid, on the other hand can influence mood.
In the immune system DHA and EPA have anti-inflammatory functions, and prevent chronic inflammation, which damages tissues and organs, and is associated with many modern diseases.
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