Ultimate Whey Pack
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Ultimate Whey
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Ultimate WheyUltimate Whey Pack

Ultimate Whey Pack

World's Finest Grass Fed Whey Protein (4 Flavors)

Get all four flavours of XBrain™ Whey Protein supplement in Xbrain’s convenient Ultimate Whey combopack. Whey protein is generally considered to be the best protein supplement for bodybuilders, active people, and athletes looking to maximise their muscle gain. XBrain™ Whey Protein is superior to many other supplements, since it is made from milk produced by free-range, grass-fed cows that have not been treated with hormones, antibiotics, or GMO products. As a protein concentrate it contains bioactive, beneficial proteins, which have not been denatured by heat or acids. The combopack gives you four flavours of the supplement, banana, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry for variety and convenience.
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