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Exogenous Ketone Base
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Exogenous Ketone BaseExogenous Ketone BaseExogenous Ketone Base

Exogenous Ketone Base by Perfect Keto

Chocolate Sea Salt

Get the energy boost you need with Exogenous Ketone Base by Perfect Keto - a high quality, doctor-developed beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) which not only tastes delicious but supports your keto diet without the inclusion of carbs, gums, fillers or sugars.


● Great tasting BHB formula
● Balanced sweetness without added sugar
● Supportive of keto diet
● Incorporates electrolytes for enhanced hydration.
● Available in 3 delicious flavours - sea salt chocolate, peaches and cream and salted caramel
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Exogenous Ketone Base 
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