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Discover the right concentration supplement for you with our leading range of products carefully selected for their focus enhancing properties. Every day serves up new challenges and it’s important to remain focussed – our range of concentration supplements will keep you one step ahead of the game.

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Ticking off tasks on your to-do list can be tough when faced with multiple distractions and it can definitely prove tricky to turn down the background noise and fully focus.

Browse our range of concentration supplements and find the perfect product to aid you in your search for enhanced focus.

Project X – 320g

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XBrain Total Brain Optimizer – 80 Ct

£79.99 or £64.00 / monthsave 20%
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£38.40 or £34.56 / monthsave 10%
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Blue Cannatine

£34.99 or £31.49 / monthsave 10%
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£100.00 or £89.99 / monthsave 10%
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Alpha Brain by Onnit – 30 & 90 Capsules

£36.95£89.99 or from £31.41£76.49 / month
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XBrain Total Mushroom

£124.99 or £100.00 / monthsave 20%
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QUALIA Focus (40ct)

£28.80 or £25.92 / monthsave 10%
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Alpha Brain Instant Packets by Onnit – 30 Packets

£59.99 or £50.99 / monthsave 15%
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Acetylcholine Brain Food

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Alpha BRAIN Focus Shot

£23.99 or £20.39 / monthsave 15%
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Smart Caffeine with L-Theanine by Natural Stacks

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Mushroom Coffee Lion’s Mane

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Bulletproof Brain Octane Softgels – 60ct

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Bulletproof Neuromaster – 30ct

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Alpha Brain Instant Tub by Onnit

£59.99 or £50.99 / monthsave 15%
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FAQs About Concentration Products

Many concentration supplements are designed to help you focus and tune in when you have a lot to do. Some concentration supplements are formulated to potentially help you enter the ‘flow state’.

Some concentration, brain health and memory supplements are designed to help users achieve what is known as the ‘flow state’. This is a state of mind in which you are completely focussed and performing with optimum levels of concentration.

You might want to consider using concentration supplements during periods of time that require extra focus. If you’re revising for an exam, trying to focus for an interview or preparing an essay or presentation, concentration supplements could provide a solution.

Concentration supplements are designed for healthy adults. If you have any concerns about using concentration supplements with existing medication or an underlying health issue, you should consult your medical practitioner beforehand.