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Discover the latest Alpha Brain product range from Onnit. Alpha Brain dietary supplements are clinically studied and designed to support brain function, enhance memory capacity and increase cognitive speed as well as ability to focus.

  • new_mood_instant_elderberry_lavender_3_4_closed_300dpi.png
    Onnit New Mood Instant is the ultimate antidote to daily stress - formulated to boost your body’s se...
    £ 59.99
  • Mineral Electrolytes

    Mineral Electrolytes

    Hydration Mix- Fresh Lime (60 serving tub)
    Onnit Mineral Electrolytes is a low-carb, low-sugar drinks mix carefully designed to encourage stami...
    £ 39.99
  • EGN
    EGN is a nutrient-dense combination of some of the world’s most renowned natural ingredients. Consum...
    £ 31.99
  • Total Gut Health

    Total Gut Health

    with Probiotics (15ct box)
    Get the most from the food you’re eating with Total Gut Health by Onnit, a supplement formulated to ...
    £ 33.99
  • ab-instant-peach.png

    Alpha BRAIN® Instant

    Alpha BRAIN® Instant
    Alpha Brain Instant Packets from Onnit are now available in a range of delicious flavours. Made with...
    £ 59.99
  • MCT


    with Lauric Acid
    Onnit MCT Oil is made from 100% coconut oil. This MCT oil provides quick energy to the body. Onnit's...
    £ 25.99
  • ShroomTech™ Immune

    ShroomTech™ Immune

    Fight off immune challenges with the most popular immune stimulating herb in the world.
    Shroom TECH Immune is a revolutionary formula designed to directly influence the body's ability to m...
    £ 23.99
  • NewMood™


    New MOOD™ formula is a unique blend of vitamins amino acids, 5-HTP and B vitamins.
    New Mood by Onnit is the perfect remedy for the stresses of everyday life. This unique formula of ke...
    £ 29.99
  • ShroomTech™sport


    The idea behind Shroom TECH™Sport was to create a supplement that real athletes could take safely every day — even the day of competition.
    Shroom TECH Sport battles fatigue with a strategy unlike any other supplement on the market, providi...
    £ 24.99
  • HR_AB_30_1.png

    Alpha BRAIN®

    The idea behind Alpha BRAIN® was to create a fully-balanced nootropic.
    Alpha Brain by Onnit is the ultimate nootropic specially designed and organically sourced to enhance...
    £ 36.95
  • Beta Alanine

    Beta Alanine

    Onnit Beta Alanine 120 tabs.
    When you perform high-intensity exercise, hydrogen ions surge into your muscles (often referred to a...
    £ 33.99
    Designed to help the body with maximizing nutrient intake and minimizing digestive distress.
    £ 29.99
  • Key Minerals
    Onnit Key Minerals is the ultimate daily mineral supplement containing two of the most essential min...
    £ 19.99
  • Onnit ViruTech

    Onnit ViruTech

    A staple supplement for seasonal health
    ViruTech from Onnit is a staple supplement for seasonal health to support immunity. Made with antiox...
    £ 21.99
  • Spirulina and Chlorella

    Spirulina and Chlorella

    Super greens for super humans.
    Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella Capsules provide super greens for super humans.
    Both spirulina and ...
    £ 19.99
  • Lip Food Lip Balm
    Would you eat your usual lip balm? Just extend it out like a push pop and take a big old bite? If yo...
    £ 12.99
  • Powerfood Vitality

    Powerfood Vitality

    High protein superfood
    Everything under the sun is called a ‘superfood’ these days. But how many have the power to make a c...
    £ 45.99
  • King Tea
    The King of All Teas

    Sorry other tea, purple tea is just better.

    A crossbred variety of camellia sinesis developed in Kenya, purple tea grows at up to 7,500-feet elevation. This exposes it to ultraviolet light, causing the plant to produce high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins—compounds that protect the tea leaves from damage and contribute to their unique flavor. These same compounds are also found in berries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables and account for their dark red and purple colors. And just like those foods, when consumed by humans, they help scavenge free radicals....
    £ 19.99
  • Glutamine


    ( unflavored 60 serving tub)
    Glutamine (L-Glutamine) is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It makes up 61% of your m...
    £ 19.99
  • Creatine


    Creatine is one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements in the world, having been shown to ...
    £ 16.99
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