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For years XBrain products have been helping people improve their bodies to achieve maximum health and performance. Now the evolution will spread to the world around you! When you buy XBrain’s supplements you can be sure of getting premium quality innovative products, manufactured from all-natural whole food ingredients, according to GMP practices. XBrain supplements will take you wherever you want to go; whether it is peak athletic performance, maximum muscle gain, or optimum cognitive abilities. But nobody is an island. Our surroundings have a huge effect on our well being. Now, when you buy an XBrain product you can be sure that you are benefiting the natural environment and society. This is because from every product that you buy, XBrain will donate £1 to charity. Read on about the charities sponsored and become part of the evolution today!

Evolution 6
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The EIA is a small investigative and lobbying charity, which exposes environmental crime and uses the information to lobby governments for change. It has been described by the BBC Wildlife Magazine as ‘one of Britain’s most effective conservation groups’. Just in the past year the Environmental Investigation Agency published reports that influenced government policies in fields as diverse as the trade in illegal wildlife, Japanese whale hunting under the false pretext of ‘scientific research’, Siam rosewood logging for the Chinese market, the campaign to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags to save the marine environment, and many more.

Evolution 7

By buying XBrain’s products you will not only be getting the best nutrients or ergogenics that nature has to offer; you will also contribute to the protection of the wonderful natural world by supporting the important work that the Environmental Investigation Agency does.

Of course damage to the natural world and the loss of biodiversity is only one of the problems that blight our world. Hard though it is to believe extreme poverty, hunger and homelessness are all around us even though we live in one of the richest countries in the West. This is why one of the charities chosen by XBrain to receive £1 from the purchase of XBrain’s products is The Passage. This wonderful charity runs London’s largest day centre for homeless people. The Passage relies on a team of volunteers who reach out to people sleeping rough in Victoria Station. The Passage does not only offer an immediate solution to homelessness by providing a bed in a shelter, but also advice and help to homeless people to assist them in changing their conditions in the long term. In 2014 they helped 23 residents to change their lives and move on to a more settled accommodation.

Evolution 8

Another organization that has been alleviating human suffering and helping people in need since 1865, which will be supported from money from your XBrain purchases, is the Salvation Army. This Christian organization is dedicated to charitable work, offering help to whoever needs it in the UK. This includes helping victims of people trafficking to recover and rebuild their lives, assisting the homeless to break the downward spiral of homelessness, befriending older people who often suffer from terrible isolation, and providing residential care where they are treated with dignity, and helping people in poverty achieve a sustainable income.

The Salvation Army can truly make a difference in the lives of so many unfortunate people. When you buy XBrain products you will be helping contribute to this!

Evolution 9

You have made a wise decision when you chose to buy XBrain health supplements and power foods. With the best, all natural ingredients carefully formulated to optimize your physical and cognitive function, XBrain’s amazing products will help your body evolve to achieve the pinnacle of health and fitness. Now, with every XBrain product purchased you make XBrain will donate £1 to charities, such as the Environment Investigation Agency, to protect the natural environment and biodiversity, or The Passage and the Salvation Army which help the homeless and other people in need. When you purchase a supplement from XBrain, you don’t only contribute to the evolution of your own body, you contribute to the evolution of the world around you. Become part of the XBrain Evolution today!