Bulletproof Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee – 250g


A cup of Bulletproof Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee is the best way to start your day. This unique blend of Bulletproof medium roast coffee contains fruity hints of orange and plum as well as cinnamon and cocoa hazelnut. Made with only the highest quality coffee beans, Bulletproof whole bean coffee is ethically sourced, certified clean and rainforest alliance certified. Give yourself an edge by starting your day with a sweet & smooth cup of Bulletproof whole bean coffee.

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Usage of Bulletproof Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee

The original whole bean coffee blend from Bulletproof is now available to buy in 250g packages and one scoop will create an energising powerhouse of a cup of coffee. 

Bulletproof coffee can be blended or used in a french press and is compatible with the original Bulletproof coffee recipe 1.

Starting your day off with a hot cup of Bulletproof coffee will help you to feel alert and focused, thanks to the signature blend of coffee ingredients and healthy fats. Bulletproof ingredients allow you to enjoy the benefits of a quality cup of coffee without the caffeine crash.

Why Choose Bulletproof Whole Bean Coffee?

The original Bulletproof whole bean coffee blend is delicious and has a rich variety of flavours to set you up for the day. Plum and orange notes superbly support hints of cinnamon and hazelnut to give a fine, smooth cup of coffee.

Finding your perfect cup of coffee has never been easier. Bulletproof uses 100% Arabica beans ethically sourced and harvested cleanly from farms in South and Central America. What’s more, the beans are expertly roasted through the Bulletproof Clean Coffee Process leaving you with a consistently delicious brew 2.

Bulletproof’s Clean Coffee Process carefully considers every stage of the coffee making process and ensures that the beans are safely sourced, stored and harvested by farmers who share the same passion for quality coffee as you. On top of this, Bulletproof coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified so every cup that you drink supports local farmers as well as community and environmental initiatives from bean to brew.

Bulletproof Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee Benefits

Bulletproof Coffee is made with carefully chosen ingredients that not only make a delicious brew, but provide a number of advantages. The recipe includes grass-fed butter and MCT oil – two high quality fats that can have a positive impact on your day.

It might sound odd to add butter to coffee but the high grade fats used in Bulletproof Coffee are very different to standard fats. Bulletproof ingredients can satisfy hunger, support calorie burning and weight loss and aid cognitive function 3.

As well as these benefits, Bulletproof Whole Bean Coffee is completely compatible with ketogenic and vegan diets so you can enjoy the advantages of a high calibre coffee without compromising your dietary needs.

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Clean coffee
Clean coffee
Made with Bulletproof coffee beans and Bulletproof process
Made with Bulletproof coffee beans and Bulletproof process
Rainforest alliance certified
Rainforest alliance certified
Tested for toxins
Tested for toxins


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