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Chaga Mushroom Extract

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Our 100% organic Chaga mushroom tincture contains no mycelium, no fillers, and only
fruiting bodies are used. Use to boost vitality and immunity.
Chaga mushroom extract, also known as Inonotus obliquus, is nicknamed “The Diamond Of The Woods” and is traditionally used across Russia and Eastern Europe. Its benefits are extensive, but our chaga supplement is mainly used to aid the body’s immunity.

Boost Immunity
Increase vitality

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Chaga Mushroom Extract Usage

Our organic chaga tincture can be used to promote health and wellbeing. It can be enjoyed everyday at any time – simply place directly under your tongue or add to a hot or cold drink. Alternatively add a drop to your favourite soup.

Why choose Chaga Mushroom Extract from Xbrain?

Our chaga mushrooms are sourced from organic forests by vetted expert growers in Lapland, Finland. All our sources are either FSC or PEFC certified to ensure responsible management of forests.This organic chaga tincture is free of any synthetic ingredients.No fillers or mycelium is used in our supplements because we only use the fruiting bodies of the mushroom in production.

Doing so ensures that this tincture is functional and potent – containing all the benefits of the chaga mushroom. Our industry leading extraction of the compounds of interests from the mushroom is key. Using Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (UAE) technology in the extraction process, we can ensure that the end result is a pure and potent tincture. During this process, beta-glucan and other compounds of interest are removed from the chitin wall of the chaga mushrooms to increase its bioavailability, increasing its effectiveness.

Chaga Mushroom Origin & Appearance

The chaga mushroom (inonotus obliquus) belongs to the hymenochaetaceae family of fungi.It grows in cold climates and its burnt charcoal-like appearance means it is also nicknamed “black mass”.

Chaga Mushroom Benefits

The Chaga mushroom has been used traditionally by the Siberian Shamans during spiritual practice, and are used across Asia to improve overall health. It is said to have a wide range of medicinal properties, ranging from reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels to fighting the growth of tumors. In vitro studies suggest that chaga extract supplements like our chaga tincture can positively impact immunity by working against viruses and harmful bacteria, as well as reducing long- term inflammation. One study found that continuous intake of liquid chaga extract aided the suppression of cancer progress, although further studies are needed on this. Nonetheless, chaga is already used in several countries to treat cancer.

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