HARMONY is a Clinically Validated solution to help restore our metabolism and immune health. Daily stressors such as lack of sleep or exercise, the food that we consume, and our fast-paced lifestyles can create harmful imbalances in our bodies – impacting the ability to function at optimal levels. Suddenly our energy and our ability to recover decreases. HARMONY regulates our systems, correcting the harmful changes – restoring our bodies to a well-balanced being.

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Get back on track with HARMONY, a clinically validated solution to support favorable change and help restore our metabolic & immune health. When life happens, these systems are the first to decline and we need help. Don’t let your body get off balance such as slowing down your metabolism and decreasing mental sharpness & focus.

Your Body’s Inner Symphony

If one part of your body’s symphony isn’t playing, it will have a negative impact on the whole. So, when you do experience difficulty with any part of your health – treat it as an opportunity to optimize your health and improve the symphony (your inner orchestra).

Keep Your Body’s Functions Finely Tuned

Your immune and metabolic systems are made up of a complex network of organs, cells and proteins that are essential for the health of your entire body. Drinkhrw boasts an exclusive blend of ingredients for both these functions. With Drinkhrw, you can fight off infections faster, get more restful sleep, lower blood sugar levels and optimize your immune system in just days — no matter where you are on your weight loss journey.

Your metabolism is the way you burn fuel and manage energy. But just like your car, sometimes your car can overheat. Or not get enough gas. Metabolic syndrome is more than a buzzword — it’s a group of conditions that increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.

Both metabolic and immune responses are closely linked together because a strong immune response relies on energy. An imbalance between both systems can put us at risk for chronic metabolic diseases.

Our mission is to promote a better understanding of the relationship between metabolism and immunity. By understanding the dynamics of these two systems, individuals can make informed decisions in order to lead healthier lives.

What is Harmony?

The first hydrogen tablet to combine with an ImmunoLP20, an Immunobiotic called HK-L37


Immuno-LP20 is short for Lactobacillus Plantarum L-137. Immuno-LP20 contains heat-changed Lactobacillus Plantarum strain L-137 (HK L-137) has shown to have a high safety profile.

HK L-137 is an immunobiotic bacteria that boost immunity and much more.

The Patented Hydrogen Technology

HARMONY utilizes a special, carefully formulated composition of our patented hydrogen tablet technology to deliver Immuno-LP20 directly to your body. The hydrogen technology creates a safe, stable and effective delivery system for the immunobiotic to help balance your body’s metabolic and immune systems. By taking Harmony, you can help bring your body back to its natural harmony, optimize your health and lead a healthier life.

In conclusion, HARMONY is a clinically validated solution that supports favorable change and helps restore your metabolic and immune health. By combining the patented hydrogen tablet technology with the immunobiotic HK-L37 (Immuno-LP20), Harmony helps balance your body’s systems, promote optimal health, and bring your body back to its natural harmony.


“Ingredients and Benefits:

HARMONY is made up of the following ingredients:

  • ImmunoLP20 (Lactobacillus Plantarum L-137)
  • 80mg of highly bioavailable magnesium ions

ImmunoLP20 is a heat-killed strain of Lactobacillus Plantarum that has been shown to have a high safety profile. This immunobiotic bacteria boosts immunity and has been shown to have a range of benefits for the body.

Magnesium ions are essential for overall health, including supporting healthy bones, muscles, and the nervous system. The magnesium in HARMONY is highly bioavailable, meaning that it is easily absorbed by the body.


  • Supports favorable change and helps restore metabolic and immune health
  • Fights off infections faster
  • Improves restful sleep
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Optimizes immune system
  • Improves alertness
  • Reverses metabolic syndrome

Side Effects:

HARMONY is a safe and natural solution to support favorable change and restore your body’s health. No side effects have been reported when taking HARMONY as directed.

As with any supplement, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider before starting to use HARMONY to make sure it is safe for you to take.

In conclusion, when it comes to maintaining our body’s natural harmony, it’s important to understand the interplay between our metabolic and immune systems. By taking steps to support these two critical functions, we can help our bodies stay in balance and perform at their best. With its carefully formulated blend of ingredients, including ImmunoLP20 and highly bioavailable magnesium, HARMONY is the solution you’ve been searching for to restore your body’s natural harmony and optimal health.”


Aids post-workout recovery
Aids post-workout recovery
Awake Feeling Rejuvenated
Awake Feeling Rejuvenated
Boost your immune system
Boost your immune system
Encourages healthy digestion
Encourages healthy digestion
Supports the Gut-brain Connection
Supports the Gut-brain Connection


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