KetoBars from Perfect Keto – 12 pack


Treat yourself to a clean, convenient and delicious keto friendly snack bar, available in four mouth-watering flavours. Our Keto Bars are low in carbs and rich in healthy ketogenic fats with zero added sugars, allowing you to stay committed to your diet goals without having to sacrifice your sweet tooth.

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Usage of KetoBars from Perfect Keto 

Discover the original Keto Bars – the perfect companion for keto dieters. Available in a variety of delicious flavours, Keto Bars make an excellent choice for a quick snack on-the-go or as a high-fat, low-carb, gluten-free meal replacement. Keto Bars are great at any time of day whether it’s breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert at dinner time.

Each pack contains 12 individual Keto Bars now available in chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate coconut almond, mint chocolate and chocolate covered strawberry flavours.

Why Choose Keto Bars?

Committing to a keto diet can be tricky especially if you have a sweet tooth. That’s why Keto Bars were created – to provide dieters with a snack bar that’s genuinely 100% keto. Keto Bars contain up to 21g of ketogenic fats, zero added sugars and just 3g net carbs making them a snack you can really trust and enjoy without worrying about weight gain.

Each mouth-watering flavour contains wholesome, healthy ingredients that are simple with high nutritional value. When it comes down to ratios, there’s no gray area with Keto Bars – they’re the original, tasty keto-friendly sweet snack that’s been beneficial and trusted by the keto community since 2014.


It’s hard to believe that something so delicious can be keto, but it’s true! Each Keto Bar is packed with goodness that supports your lifestyle and keeps you healthy and happy without any infringement on your diet, weight and exercise goals.

Following a ketogenic diet can be hugely beneficial to your health as it supports weight loss and boosts your body’s metabolism. Ketogenic foods are an excellent source of stable energy and the vast majority of keto dieters have more balanced appetites and regulated energy levels.

What’s more, the reduction in sugar that comes when adopting a ketogenic diet helps your body regulate blood sugar levels and reduces insulin surges – this is great for reducing inflammation in the body. Ketogenic diets have also been associated with better brain function and heart health.


Vegan and Gluten Free
Vegan and Gluten Free
Low carb, keto-friendly snacks in a variety of flavours
Low carb, keto-friendly snacks in a variety of flavours
Supports weight loss
Supports weight loss


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