MagTech from Natural Stacks has been formulated based on cutting edge neuroscience research to produce a magnesium supplement that can actually cross the blood/brain barrier and increase brain magnesium concentrations to produce visible improvements in cognitive function and sleep quality. MagTech contains three forms of magnesium chelated to functional amino acids, L-threonate, taurate and glycinate, that have been shown to have superior bioavailability, and to actually increase the magnesium concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid, something that inorganic magnesium supplements struggle to do.

Magnesium is one of the most important elements in the body. It is a cofactor of over 300 enzymatic reactions. In the brain it has a crucial role in supporting cognition; higher magnesium concentrations increase synaptic plasticity and the number of synaptic connections between neurons. Magnesium is also important in reducing the effects of mental stress.

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Magnesium Complex

Magnesium is one of the most important chemical ions in the body. It is a cofactor of over 300 enzymatic reactions; there is no system in the body that doesn’t rely on adequate magnesium levels for correct functioning.  This certainly includes the nervous system and the brain. In fact neuroscientists have known for a long time that increasing the brain magnesium levels improves synaptic plasticity, and protects the brain from aging.

Unfortunately, increasing brain magnesium levels is far from the simple matter of just swallowing any inorganic magnesium supplement. Many of them have low bioavailability. Also the brain/blood barrier prevents raises in plasma concentration from being reflected by brain concentrations. In addition many inorganic magnesium salts are the major ingredient in anti-constipation medications. As you can imagine this means that they have unpleasant gastro-intestinal effects. Raising your cognitive function and improving your memory might not prove to be all that useful if you have to spend most of your waking hours on the toilet!

This is where Natural Stacks’ MagTech comes in. This special formula contains three forms of magnesium. In each one the metal ion is chelated to a different functional amino acid group. The design of the MagTech formula by Natural Stacks is guided by cutting edge preclinical research on the effects of raising magnesium levels on cognition. Each of the three magnesium chelating agents in MagTech has its own nutritional benefits, therefore the supplement is 100% nutritionally dense.  Based on newest preclinical scientific studies MagTech will:

  • Improve your thinking and memory and protect your brain fro the effects of aging.
  • Decrease stress and anxiety, so you can think clearly and focus on what is important.
  • Improve the depth and quality of your sleep, so your brain is ready for the challenges you face when you are awake.

Natural Stacks’ MagTech is one of the few magnesium supplements to contain magnesium threonate. A 2010 study in the very prestigious journal Neuron showed that magnesium threonate was the only one of the supplements tested (magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate and magnesium gluconate in milk) to elevate magnesium levels in cerebrospinal fluid after 24 days of treatment. This increase was accompanied by improved performance in recognition and associative memory tests in both young and aged rats.

 Biochemical and histological studies showed that elevated brain magnesium levels improved both synaptic plasticity and increased the number of synaptic connections in the brain. Clinical studies in people are now being carried out, but the preclinical animal studies strongly suggest that magnesium threonate can have a measurable effect on cognitive abilities.  

The second magnesium compound in MagTech is magnesium taurate, a synergistic combination of the metal ion and  taurine. Taurine itself is an essential molecule, which bears much resemblance chemically to amino acids, although it is not strictly speaking one, and it is not present in any proteins. Instead it is essential heart function, muscles, eyes and the central nervous system. In the nervous system it provides protection of glutamate excitotoxicity and is involved in inhibitory neurotransmission. There is a lot of interest in using taurine as an anti-anxiety medication, since it shows a calming effect by activating glycine receptors.

Using taurine as a chelating agent improves the bioavailability of magnesium, and allows it to enter the central nervous system, since taurine can cross the blood brain barrier. The two compounds act synergistically to reduce stress and anxiety since they both have a calming effect. Since there is nothing quite as destructive to your ability to think clearly as too much mental stress, magnesium taurate can a real measurable effect on your ability to think and on your memory.

The final magnesium compound in MagTech is magnesium glycinate, in which the mineral is chelated to the amino acid glycine. Glycine is an amino acid, which as well as being one of the building blocks of proteins, has other significant functions in the central nervous system as a neurotransmitter. When it functions as a neurotransmitter at glycine receptors, its role is inhibitory. However, it can also as a co-transmitter together with glutamate at NMDA receptors, in which case its action is excitatory.

One of the main side effects of glycine’s function as a neurotransmitter is to improve the quality of sleep. If you’ve ever been a victim of insomnia, an increasingly common condition in the modern world, you will know how impossible it is to concentrate on any task when sleep deprived. Failure to fall asleep is only one of the problems most of us will face at some time in our lives. There is also the problem of low quality sleep, where you wake up in the morning not felling rested, and spend the whole day feeling tired. There is solid scientific evidence that taking glycine as a supplement improves sleep quality and efficacy (the ratio of the time you spend asleep to the time you spend in bed).

Another study showed that ingesting a glycine supplement improved the mental performance of sleep-deprived individuals, making them feel less sleepy and tired during the day. That property of glycine would definitely be appreciated by students who often burn the midnight oil studying for an exam. Working synergistically with magnesium, which also improves sleep quality and cognitive function. MagTech could be an invaluable aid in your academic study.

MagTech from Natural Stacks is a superior supplement which unleashes the nootropic properties of magnesium by providing it chelated to three different amino acids. These forms of magnesium can actually increase the levels of the ion in cerebrospinal fluid, something which simpler magnesium salts cannot achieve. The three different chelates work synergistically to increase your cognitive function, to allow you to deal calmly with stress and rid you of anxiety, and to provide you with high quality deep sleep.  In addition MagTech has neuroprotective functions, delaying neuron aging, and increases wakefulness. All through supplementation with natural substances, which are already present in our bodies.

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