Masszymes by BiOptimizers – 120 Caps


MassZymes by BiOptimizers is a full-spectrum digestive enzyme formula packed with twice as much protease as other leading enzyme formulas as well as key enzymes for optimal digestive support.

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Usage of Masszymes by BiOptimizers

MassZymes is a 100% plant-based, naturally derived digestive enzyme supplement which comes as 120 individual capsules. One serving of three capsules is recommended daily with a balanced meal for full digestive benefits. Although you can take on an empty stomach, it is not recommended as it can cause digestive upset.

You should consult a doctor before starting a new supplement, diet or training program or if you are being treated or any medical condition.

Why Choose MassZymes by BiOptimizers?

In creating MassZymes, BiOptimizers have formulated a full-spectrum digestive enzyme like no other which aids digestion by catalysing a number of biochemical reactions in the body.

As a 100% plant-based digestive supplement, MassZymes is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and contains a wide range of only the best digestive enzymes which work through various pH levels to provide well-rounded support throughout your digestive system.

So many individuals suffer from digestive issues as a result of proteins not being effectively broken down resulting in gas, bloating and constipation. MassZymes ensures that all the proteins you consume are digested into amino acids.

MassZymes is twice as potent as other leading enzyme formulas as it contains high levels of protease making it not only super-effective, but of excellent value. The addition of AstraZyme (an all-natural plant-based compound of Panax ginseng & Astragalus) provides an enhanced delivery system and improved potency.

Benefits of Masszymes by BiOptimizers

There are numerous daily lifestyle factors that can have negative effects on your body and contribute to suboptimal digestion. MassZymes works to combat this by providing the body with a potent formula of the best digestive enzymes available. This allows the body to break down proteins, fibres and sugars that can be otherwise tricky to digest. This in turn reduces the chance of you experiencing indigestion, gas, bloating and other potential discomforts associated with ineffective digestion.

Full spectrum enzymes are also beneficial as they support cell growth and collagen production meaning that MassZymes aids recovery and reduces post-workout soreness and inflammation.

On top of this, providing your odd with full spectrum enzymes optimizes digestive processes reducing the effort and strain on your body that digestive functions usually impose which can increase overall energy levels and reduce fatigue, especially after eating meals.


Improved post-workout recovery time
Improved post-workout recovery time
Increase your absorption of key amino acids & certain vitamins
Increase your absorption of key amino acids & certain vitamins
Increase your every levels
Increase your every levels
Promotes healthy digestion and gut health
Promotes healthy digestion and gut health
Strongest enzyme formula ever made
Strongest enzyme formula ever made


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