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Onnit Key Minerals is the ultimate daily mineral supplement containing two of the most essential minerals known to support total body health – calcium and magnesium. The supplement is also boosted by integral trace minerals, iodine and molybdenum making it a fully rounded, high quality mineral supplement designed to help you live healthily and optimise your body’s ability to function at its best every day.

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Usage of Onnit Key Minerals

Onnit Key Minerals is a dietary mineral supplement that comes in the form of edible capsules each containing Onnit’s unique formula – a blend of minerals essential for healthy body function.

One serving of four capsules per day contains all of the key minerals from land and sea that your body requires. For healthy adults, each serving should be consumed with a light meal. Keep out of reach of children and consult a doctor before taking if you are pregnant, using o on any medication.

Why Choose Onnit Key Minerals?

Mineral nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle and often gets neglected. Our bodies are incapable of creating minerals on their own and 100% of our mineral intake comes from the foods and drinks that we consume. Our diets don’t always provide us with the essential minerals that we require to operate at our very highest levels, so it’s important to find a dietary supplement to boost mineral intake.

Onnit Key Minerals contains two essential nutrients, calcium and magnesium, alongside three other trace minerals, boron, iodine and molybdenum, that provide excellent, all-round support. Each mineral has a key operational benefit for your body, but they can be difficult to source individually. That’s why Onnit have developed Key Minerals – get a healthy dose of each essential mineral in one convenient serving.

Benefits of Onnit Key Minerals

Taking a well-balanced nutritional mineral supplement can have superb benefits on your physical and mental health. Minerals sourced from the land and the ocean have certain effects on the body that support operations and functions.

Onnit Key Minerals is rich in calcium and magnesium – two essential minerals for health. Calcium is a key component of teeth and bones and it is crucial for skeletal and dental development as well as a range of other benefits such as circulation and muscular health.

Magnesium also plays an important role in numerous key bodily functions as it serves as a cofactor for hundreds of enzymes. This makes it a key mineral for a healthy heart and strong muscles.

On top of calcium and magnesium, Onnit Key Minerals contains traces of iodine, a supporter of growth and metabolism, boron which has been shown to support cognitive function in men and women and regulate inflammation.



Contains high levels of key minerals calcium and magnesium
Contains high levels of key minerals calcium and magnesium
Increases dietary mineral intake
Increases dietary mineral intake
Supports total body health
Supports total body health
Trace elements of iodine and molybdenum
Trace elements of iodine and molybdenum


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