Onnit Vitamin D3 Spray in MCT Oil


Onnit Vitamin D3 Spray is a plant-based, MCT oil liquid spray supplement that provides an incredibly rich formula of vitamin D that supports your overall vitality. Now available in grapefruit and passion fruit guava flavours as well as the original formula.

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Usage Vitamin D3 Spray in MCT Oil

Onnit Vitamin D3 MCT with vitamin K in MCT Oil comes as liquid spray in a 24ml bottle making it perfect for use on the go. It fits easily into your pocket, purse or briefcase allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a high quality vitamin D supplement wherever you are.

When using the vitamin D spray, it’s recommended to take 5 sprays orally before swallowing. This should be done once daily preferably with food. Consult a doctor before using the spray if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have or suspect that you may have any underlying medical condition. This supplement is not for children and should be kept out of their reach and stored in a cool, dry place

Why Choose Onnit Vitamin D3 Spray in MCT Oil?

The majority of the population working or studying indoors may be suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The ideal way to solve this is to spend more time outdoors under the sun, however when you have a busy schedule this isn’t always easy. Spending your lunch hour outside isn’t likely to provide you with enough vitamin D for your body to really feel the benefits, especially in the winter months when the weather is more inclement.

That’s why Onnit have developed their Vitamin D3 spray – the ultimate vitamin D supplement that’s plant-based and potent. Each serving contains 1,000 IU of vitamin D and thanks to the handy spray bottle, it’s incredibly fast-acting. The spray is also carried in fractionated MCT oil making it clean and effective.

Supplementing vitamin D can be tricky as it isn’t abundant in many food groups. You can find vitamin D in lanolin, lichens, mushrooms and fish oil, so Onnit’s vitamin D spray provides a cost-effective alternative source.

Benefits of Vitamin D3 Spray in MCT Oil

Like most people out there, chances are that you’re not providing your body with enough Vitamin D. Supplementing vitamin D with Onnit’s Vitamin D Spray can have numerous benefits on your health, especially if you’re not spending enough time outdoors.

Vitamin D has a crucial role in transporting calcium around your body which is a key mineral for supporting healthy bones and teeth. Therefore a high quality, potent vitamin D supplement can be beneficial for bone and dental health.

The supplement is also fortified with Vitamin K which plays a key role in dictating where the calcium in your body is transported. The infusion of the MCT oil with vitamin K ensures that calcium isn’t being deposited in potentially harmful places, such as arteries.

Vitamin D also plays a role in hormone production and neurological functions. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to poor mental health so supplementing with Onnit’s Vitamin D Spray can help promote better psychological wellbeing.


Questions and Answers about vitamin D3:


What role does Vitamin D play?

Vitamin D plays a role in hormone production, neurological functions, and promoting bone and dental health.

What can result from Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to poor mental health and other health issues.

What type of supplement should be used to prevent Vitamin D deficiency?

Supplementing with a plant-based Vitamin D3 MCT Oil spray can help prevent Vitamin D deficiency.

How can Onnit’s Vitamin D3 MCT Oil Spray help support mental wellbeing?

Onnit’s Vitamin D3 MCT Oil Spray can help promote better psychological wellbeing by providing the essential Vitamin D needed for proper mental health.


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VItamin D3


100% plant-based
100% plant-based
Available in three flavours
Available in three flavours
Maintains healthy bones
Maintains healthy bones
Supports overall vitality
Supports overall vitality


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