Primal SteelBell® – 20lbs


As seen in “Muscle and Fitness” magazine, Hyperwear®’s SteelBell® is made of tough, stretchy neoprene and filled with steel shot. This versatile piece of equipment takes dynamic movement to the next level. Swing it, wrestle it, curl it, throw it, pull it, row it, lift it or slam it – We promise you’ll feel it!

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What are the Best SteelBell® Exercises?

While you can use Onnit SteelBells for almost any standard movement you want, if you want to take full advantage of them, you need to use ballstic and transverse movements including swings, rotations, slams, throws, and travels. Learn more about these drills in this video.

Onnit SteelBell 360 Challenge

The Onnit SteelBell is a versatile tool that you can use to perform movements originally restricted to unconventional implements like the Steel Mace or Macebell. One of those movements is the 360 exercise. This exercise engages your shoulders and core like few others can.

The Onnit SteelBell 360 Challenge is to perform 100 reps (50 in each direction) as quickly as possible. Men use 40lb and women use 20lb or less. Post your scores! Good luck!

Onnit SteelBell Back Lunge Slam Challenge

One of the best things about the Onnit SteelBell is the ability to slam it on the ground with explosive movements. The Back Lunge Slam engages your entire body in a single, coordinated movement that will have you sweating quick.

The Onnit SteelBell Back Lunge Slam Challenge involves performing as many reps as possible in a minute. Men use 40lbs and women use 20lbs.

Onnit SteelBell Stairway to Hell Challenge

The Onnit Steelbell is an extremely efficient tool that engages the entire body at once using explosive and compound exercises. The Stairway to Hell Challenge involves a Power Slam and Thruster exercise in a high intensity ladder set.

The Stairway to Hell Challenge requires that you perform a ladder set, performing as many rounds as possible in a 3 or 5 minute time period. Ladder sets involve two exercises starting with 1 rep Power Slams and 1 rep Thrusters, then 2 rep Power Slams and 2 rep Thrusters, etc. See how high you can get on the ladder! Men use 40lbs, women use 20lbs.

Onnit SteelBell Burpee Challenge

Onnit SteelBells are extremely functional, dynamic workout tools that challenge your entire body with each movement. The Steelbell Burpee Challenge forces you to work conditioning, power, and agility all at once. Perform 25 reps as quickly as you can and post your time here. Women use 30lbs; men use 50lbs. Good luck!


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