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Onnit Steel Clubs
Onnit’s supreme quality 100% steel clubs are an excellent tool to enhance your primal fitness. Originally developed in ancient Persia as a means for conditioning soldiers and wrestling competitors, heavy clubs are particularly valuable for grip strength, shoulder work, and rotational core power. With a variety of movements and possibilities they are an excellent complement to the kettlebell which focuses on largely linear movement.

Onnit’s clubs are unique in that they are made of a single welded piece of steel, instead of iron with a plastic composite handle. Steel is a heavier, more dense metal that is highly resistant to rust and denting. The black finish is very chip-resistant, and won’t create jagged edges. With our prices at nearly 50% of that of our major competition, you won’t find a more economically viable and high quality heavy club.

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How will clubs enhance my training?

Rehab / Prehab: Clubs are particularly valuable in rehabbing joints, tendons, and small muscles, as well as preparing them for further intense workouts. The constant balancing of the weight will help your minor muscles develop, helping to protect and strengthen key areas.

Grip Strength: The weight displacement on the club greatly enhances forearm and grip strength.

Balancing One Sided Athletics: Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball all require the use of one side of your body to a greater extent than the other. Clubs are an ideal way to help balance out the body by mimicking the motions of serving/swinging/shooting/throwing with your non-dominant hand.

Rotational Core Power: Very few training implements offer rotational training the way that Clubs can. By mimicking many real world athletic movements your rotational power will increase dramatically.

Real World Strength: How many times do you find yourself needing to press three hundred pounds in a straight line off of your chest? Not very often. In the real world strength counts in your shoulders, core, forearms and with dynamic full body movement which is why the ancient Persian wrestler and warrior elite developed club and mace training.

What size should I get?

Wielding clubs are considerably more challenging than a kettlebell or a dumbell. There is also a very important skill component, so we recommend starting with a lighter weight and moving up. They are particularly useful in pairs, however many lifts can be completed with just a single club.


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