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Onnit Total Strength & Performance is a stimulant-free pre-workout drinks formula designed to give you the edge by enhancing athletic performance, increasing strength & power output, as well as assisting with muscle recovery. Made with a blend of adaptogens, vitamins and botanicals Total Strength & performance is the ultimate supplement to support gains.

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Usage of Onnit Total Strength & Performance

Onnit Total Strength & Performance is the ultimate pre-workout drinks mix designed to optimise hormone balance, aid muscle recovery and support strength and power. Put just two scoops of the delicious strawberry lemonade mixture in your pre-exercise beverage 30 minutes before you begin your workout and feel the benefits of a high quality performance supplement.

Consult a medical doctor before using if you are pregnant, nursing or have or suspect that you may have any underlying medical conditions or if you are taking any medication. Onnit Total Strength & Performance is not for children and should be stored in a cool dry place out of reach.

Why Choose Onnit Total Strength & Performance?

Every athlete wants to gain an edge over the opposition or the juice to go the extra mile in the gym, field court or pool and finding the right supplements that improve performance and simultaneously support your body without side effects can be tough.

That’s why Onnit have developed Total Strength & Performance, a supplement for health-conscious sportsmen and women to trust that will aid strength and power without the use of caffeine, synthetic ingredients or any other potentially harmful substances. 

Total Strength & Performance is a blend of vitamins, adaptogens and botanical ingredients that aid strength and power, optimise hormonal balance and aid muscle recovery in a simple and healthy way. Furthermore, it has been clinically tested at Florida State University and shown positive results in increasing strength and power output over a four week trial. Find out more about the research here.

Benefits of Onnit Total Strength & Performance

The formula used to create Total Strength & Performance contains a wide range of key ingredients which have an array of health and performance benefits. When combined they create the ultimate supplement for supporting strength, power output and muscle recovery.

One essential aspect of Total Strength & Performance is Onnit Power Blend™ which incorporates flowering longjack plant which optimises performance through hormonal support. This helps the neural transmissions within the body that support muscle contractions.

Equally important in the ingredients is Onnit Support Blend™ which is integral in maintaining cellular integrity allowing them to stand up to the pressures and strains of intensive physical exercise allowing you to train harder.

On top of these crucial elements is Onnit Performance Blend™, a combination of glutamine, beta-alanine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which have been chosen to encourage and enhance stamina during exercise.

Beta-alanine is generally considered safe for most people when taken in appropriate doses. However, some people may experience side effects such as a tingling sensation in the skin, flushing, and nausea. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before taking beta-alanine supplements.

According to the Onnit website, there is no added sugar in their Total Strength + Performance supplement, Strawberry Lemonade Flavor. Instead, it contains the natural sweetener stevia extract to provide some sweetness.

Yes, the Onnit Total Strength + Performance supplement in Strawberry Lemonade Flavor is gluten-free. The product is also free from other common allergens such as soy, dairy, and nuts.

In conclusion:

Onnit Total Strength & Performance is a pre-workout supplement designed to optimize hormonal balance, aid muscle recovery, and support strength and power. It is a blend of vitamins, adaptogens, and botanical ingredients that have been clinically tested and shown positive results in increasing strength and power output over a four-week trial. The supplement is free from synthetic ingredients, caffeine, and potentially harmful substances, making it a safe and healthy choice for athletes and health-conscious individuals. It contains no added sugar and is gluten-free, making it suitable for people with dietary restrictions. However, it is important to consult a healthcare provider before using the supplement, especially if pregnant, nursing, or have underlying medical conditions. Overall, Onnit Total Strength & Performance is a high-quality, effective, and safe performance supplement that can support athletic performance and overall health.


Assist muscle recovery
Assist muscle recovery
Improve athletic performance
Improve athletic performance
Increase strength and power output
Increase strength and power output
Optimise favourable hormone balance
Optimise favourable hormone balance


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