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Grass-Fed Micellar Casein

XBrain’s Grass-Fed Micellar Casein could well be the one supplement that will really make the difference in your attempts to maximise muscle gain and maintain an anabolic state throughout the day. Casein is one of the two major proteins found naturally in milk. Because of its low water solubility it has unique absorption properties that ensure a slow and study supply of amino acids over a long period of time. Taking a micellar casein supplement is probably the best way of maintaining a positive nitrogen balance currently known to science.

Micellar casein exists as a suspension of tiny particles (micelles). It has a low gastric clearing rate and stays in the stomach for a long time. Despite its slow digestion it has very high bioavailability, the amino acids are simply released to the bloodstream at a slow rate, but the effect persists for many hours after you take your supplement. This creates a gentle plateau of elevated amino acid levels, and a constant gentle anabolic rate.

Micellar casein ensure constant elevated levels of amino acids

Taking micellar casein will ensure constant elevated levels of amino acids, including times when your overall nutrient levels are low, such as first thing in the morning. At these times, the body usually falls into a catabolic state, since it needs to create glucose and it does that by breaking down muscle protein and converting the amino acids to glucose in the liver. Micellar casein prevents protein breakdown by providing a steady supply of free amino acids, which can be used instead. A study comparing whey and micellar casein protein supplements found that although both stimulated protein synthesis, only casein prevented protein breakdown.  

The study also demonstrated the long-lasting effect of the casein supplement, which elevated amino acid levels and prevented protein breakdown sever hours after it was taken. Micellar casein is the one supplement that will ensure that your body is in an anabolic state throughout the day.

The best strategy for muscle gain

The best strategy for muscle gain is to take XBrain’s Grass-Fed Micellar Casein in the evening and first thing in the morning. This will counteract the fact that you are not taking in food during the night and that your glycogen stores will be depleted by the morning, and will protect your muscle proteins from breakdown during the night. Then take a fast acting amino acid supplement, such as whey protein, after a workout. The different supplements will work synergistically to ensure a constant gentle anabolic state, with maximum protein synthesis after a workout for maximum muscle gain.

Once you have decided that you should add a micellar casein supplement to your muscle gain plan it should be easy to see why XBrain’s Grass-Fed Casein is the supplement for you. The micellar casein is prepared from SKAL certified milk in the Netherlands. Using Grass-Fed ingredients not only protects you from the various harmful artificial fertilisers and pesticides used in intensive animal rearing, but also ensures the utmost nutritional value. It is a well-established fact that milk from Grass-Fed raised, grass –fed cows has a superior nutritional makeup, and a beneficial fatty acid composition compared to normal milk.

Our Micellar is not sweetened with artificial sweeteners but with Stevia!

What is more, XBrain’s Grass-Fed Casein is not sweetened with artificial sweeteners but with stevia! A shocking number of supplements contain aspartame, whose safety is highly controversial in light of the fact one of the products of aspartame breakdown in the body is formaldehyde and that several studies show that it increases cancer risk in animals. Aspartame has also been associated with neurological problems because one of its components is the excitatory neurotransmitter aspartic acid.

In contrast, stevia, which is used in all XBrain’s supplements, has no negative side effects. In fact, it has several health benefits. Clinical studies have shown that the natural sweetener can be helpful in lowering blood pressure and regulating sugar metabolism.

Then there is the fact that XBrain’s Micellar Casein is produced with extreme care, using only low heat and a gentle filtration process to ensure that all the nutrients naturally found in milk are preserved. When you are faced with a choice between a supplement made with milk from intensely reared animals, with artificial sweeteners, and that is produced using cheap but harmful industrialised processes, and XBrain’s clearly superior Grass-Fed product, the choice is extremely clear!

XBrain’s Grass-Fed Micellar Casein is a superior protein supplement produced with the utmost care from Grass-Fed milk using only the gentlest heating and filtration processes. It is free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, using the healthy, all-natural stevia for its excellent taste. Because of the unique, slow-release properties of casein, it will ensure that your body is in a constant anabolic state throughout the day, making sure that you don’t waste the muscle gain from your workout. It should definitely be added to the muscle gain strategy of anybody who cares about deriving the maximum benefits from their training.  

Peanut Butter and Banana Shake

This decadent shake is particularly delicious with XBrain’s chocolate flavour Micellar Casein Supplement, although it will work very well indeed with Vanilla flavour.

  • 1 scoop (25g) of XBrain’s  Vanilla Micellar Casein protein supplement
  • 250 ml of ice-cold almond or walnut milk
  • 1 tbsp of organic peanut butter
  • ½ a banana

Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and frothy.

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