XBrain’s Pre-Workout Shots is the supplement you’ve been looking for to supercharge your training sessions. Packed with proven performance-enhancing ergogenics and stimulants, all in one very convenient, low calorie package.

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XBrain’s Pre-Workout Shots are the supplement you’ve been looking for to supercharge your training sessions. Packed with proven performance-enhancing ergogenics and stimulants, all in one very convenient, low calorie package. One shot taken 20-30 minutes before your workout will provide you with the optimum dose of beta-alanine, arginine-AKG, acetyl-L-carnitine, taurine, citrulline malate, and vitamin B complex. These ingredients work synergistically to ensure amazing performance during your workout and maximise muscle gain from training. Each Pre-Workout shot also contains 200 mg of caffeine, the natural stimulant found in coffee, which has been scientifically shown enhance physical performance in athletes.

You no longer have to drink huge big shakes before your workout. A quick, delicious Shot is all that is required to provide you with everything you need. The combination of bioactive ingredients ensures that you will perform at your maximum capacity, and gain full benefits from your workout. Each component plays a vital role in enhancing your training, and the factors work synergistically, so their benefits add up to make XBrain’s Pre-Workout shots the best thing on earth to take before your workout.

One of the most important function of a pre-workout supplement is to increase your endurance. There is no huge mystery about the process of muscle exhaustion; the physiology is well understood, and XBrain’s Pre-Workout shots contain the supplements to counteract these processes. For example exercise produces acidic metabolic byproducts, which cause a drop of the pH inside cells. When the pH drops too low, the muscle fibres no longer work, causing complete muscle fatigue. The drop in pH is also responsible for muscle soreness after exercise. XBrain’s Pre-Workout Shots contain beta-alanine, a very special amino acid. Beta alanine is an all-natural, rate-limiting constituent of the dipeptide carnosine, which acts as a buffer in muscle cells. Beta-alanine, by increasing the levels of carnosine, slows down muscle acidification, increasing stamina and improving recovery after the workout. Scientific studies have conclusively shown that beta-alanine increases muscle power output, performance and strength.

Another factor that limits how much exercise you are able to do is the ability of your circulatory system to deliver enough oxygen to your muscle cells. Pre-Workout Shots contain arginine-AKG, a combination of arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid, this results in elevated levels of nitric oxide, the cellular messenger that improves circulation. Better oxygen transport to your muscle cells allows them to contract further and increases endurance.

What is more, XBrain’s PreWorkout shots contain citrulline malate an amino acid that also plays a part in nitric oxide metabolism, increasing the levels of this cellular messenger, scientific studies show that citrulline supplements decrease fatigue during exercise. A study looking at men taking citrulline pre-workout showed that they experienced a 40% reduction in muscle soreness in the two days after exercise.

The production of free radicals and damage to muscle fibres also limits how much work your muscles can do. XBrain’s Pre-Workout shots contain taurine, a powerful antioxidant and cell protectant. It enhances endurance and physical performance, as shown in a Japanese study that demonstrated that consuming taurine before a cycling exercise significantly increase VO2max and time to exhaustion.

To contract muscles need fuel. When you start your workout they have plenty of stored glycogen, but soon the glycogen is used up and your muscles struggle to obtain sufficient energy from other sources. Ergogenics that help conserve glycogen and make it easier to use alternative fuels significantly help your performance. One of the most effective ergogenics is Acetyl-L carnitine, which helps the body burn fat more effectively. The problem with using fat as fuel is that fatty acids have to be actively transported into the mitochondria, a rate limiting step. Acetyl L-Carnitine is the transporter that actively carries fatty acids into the mitochondria and studies have shown that taking ALCAR as a supplement improves fat metabolism and exercise performance. Because you are able to burn more fat for fuel, you conserve glycogen and have better endurance.

XBrain’s Pre-Workout Shots also contain vitamin B complex, which is essential for the metabolic reactions needed to produce energy from fuel.

The mental aspects of performing at your best are no less important than the physiological factors. XBrain’s Pre-Workout Shots contain several stimulants, which will aid you in maintaining focus and mental motivation. Each Pre-Workout shot provides you with a 200 mg of the stimulant caffeine ensuring explosive energy and sharp focus during your workout. Scientific studies clearly show that caffeine enhances both physical and mental performance. Caffeine also stimulates fat oxidation, providing your muscle cells with more fuel.

In addition there is the amino acid tyrosine, a precursor of several neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline and dopamine. Studies show that taking tyrosine supplements allows you to deal better with physical stress, such as intense exercise. Tyrosine in your pre-workout supplement can be a significant help in maintaining mental focus during the workout. The acetyl-L form of the amino acid is preferred because of its higher bioavailability.

 All bases covered

As you can see one XBrain Pre-Workout shot covers all the bases that you need to optimise your workout. You will be getting the performance enhancers, such as arginine and tyrosine, and citrulline, beta-alanine which slows down the drop in pH in muscle cells increasing endurance and reducing muscle fibre damage, mental stimulants such as caffeine and tyrosine, and carnitine and vitamins B to increase the fuel available to your cells. All this in a delicious 60ml shot, guaranteed to be free of GMO ingredients or artificial sweeteners and at only 100 Calories per serving!


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