AC-11 Optigenex Inc.
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AC-11 Optigenex Inc.

AC-11 Manufactured by Optigenex Inc. Enhances DNA Repair

AC-11 manufactured by Optigenex Inc. is a compound extracted from cat's claw that is believed to be able to repair DNA damage in skin due to over exposure to sunlight. Both animal and clinical testing on humans have demonstrated AC-11's ability to repair DNA in skin.Read More..

AC-11 Health Benefits (Optigenex Inc.)

AC-11 is a registered trademark of Optigenex Inc. that contains phytonutrients that have a number of health benefits.  AC-11 formerly known as C-Med-100 is a water soluble all natural rainforest plant extract that has been demonstrated to help repair DNA damage due to sun and other environmental stress. Read More..

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