Microcurrent therapy is a relatively new area of science which is gaining increasing attention due to the number of potential health benefits. Microcurrent therapy produces exposure to low levels of electrical stimulation using frequency-specific electrical current (FSEC) delivered through electrodes. This FSEC is thought to be therapeutic because it helps to release tension in the area being treated, reduce inflammation and stimulate repair of damaged tissue.

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The aim of micro-current therapy is to restore the body’s natural electrical balance, as disease states tend to cause disrupted electrical signals at the cellular level. It stimulates mitochondrial ATP production, which refers to ‘energy packets’ – biological molecules the body uses to fuel cells, tissues and organs. Since ATP production is a critical component of human physiology, microcurrent is thought to stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues and provide relief from chronic pain, which often results from an imbalance within the body’s electrical systems.

Microcurrent therapy has been found to benefit patients suffering from a range of chronic conditions, such as tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome; cases of inflammation and trauma; sports injuries; neurological and inflammatory conditions and chronic fatigue conditions. Preliminary studies of microcurrent treatment and pain management show promising results.

One of the key benefits of using a microcurrent device is its high accuracy in terms of delivering precise levels of stimulation. This means that practitioners are able to target areas requiring treatment without risk of over-exposure. Moreover, the device does not produce any adverse side-effects and the treatment is generally painless and has no downtime.Overall, microcurrent therapy is an exciting and promising treatment option which is gaining increasing attention as more studies are conducted to verify its potential health benefits. With such precise levels of stimulation targeted to repair, restore and maintain balance and integrity within the body, practitioners will be able to offer effectively evidenced treatments with the convenience of a microcurrent device.