Dave Asprey’s book, “Smarter Not Harder” is an incredible tool for unlocking your full potential. Asprey helps you identify and remove the sources of mental and physical fatigue, allowing you to maximize your performance. He dives into a wide range of topics, from the basics of sleep hygiene and nutrition science to more cutting-edge topics such as cognitive performance optimization and Meditation. His step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and understand, giving you the guidance needed to make meaningful changes to your life. Through this comprehensive approach he provides an in-depth look into energy and productivity management, giving practical tips, advice, and insight into optimizing your performance.

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What truly sets apart this book is its focus on creating a positive mindset. The book is filled with inspiring stories and lessons, helping you to cultivate a sense of optimism and success. Along with helpful advice and guidance, he adds inspiring musings and anecdotes, giving readers an uplifting tome that can help them succeed in a tough world.  Smarter Not Harder is a great resource for anyone looking to make lasting improvements to their performance and overall wellbeing. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide to mastering your energy and improving your output, this is the book for you!