For athletes looking for a competitive edge, Onnit’s ShroomTech Sport is an excellent supplement option. ShroomTech Sport is designed to reduce fatigue, increase endurance and reduce muscle damage during physical activity.

At the heart of ShroomTech Sport is a combination of mushroom extracts and adaptogenic herbs. These ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation, reduce fatigue and support the body’s natural ability to cope with physical stress. The extract of Cordyceps increases oxygen utilization and energy levels. Finally, the ashwagandha root extract helps reduce anxiety and stress, contributing to improved mood and focus.

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In terms of performance benefits, ShroomTech Sport works in several ways. The combination of mushrooms and adaptogens helps support peak physical condition, providing the energy and endurance necessary for a top-notch performance. The antioxidants contained in the mushrooms also help protect the body from free radical damage and oxidative stress, helping athletes recover quickly and be ready for their next training session or competition. Finally, the herbs help smooth out energy levels throughout the day, allowing athletes to maintain an optimal energy level without the “crashing” associated with some stimulants.  Onnit ShroomTech Sport is a great choice for athletes looking for an all-natural supplement to take their performance to the next level. The combination of clinically proven mushroom extract and adaptogenic herbs helps reduce fatigue and speed recovery. It can also help improve cognitive performance and smooth out energy levels throughout the day. Overall, ShroomTech Sport is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-natural edge in the fitness world.