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Bio Creatine natural stacks KNOWLEDGE PAGE

Biocreatine  Natural Stacks

Creatine maintains the ATP to ADP balance in cells during times of high energy expenditure

Biocreatine from Natural Stacks combines high purity, micronized German creatine monohydrate with Himalayan pink salt and fenugreek extract. Creatine maintains the ATP to ADP balance in cells during times of high energy expenditure, providing a way of storing energy that is not dependent on the availability of oxygen. Its ability to increase endurance during intense exercise, and to increase lean muscle gain is very well established.It is one of the most popular supplements taken by athletes and bodybuilders. However, creatine plays a role in many other tissues, there is solid evidence that enhance mental function, and has a neuroprotective effect as well. Read More..

Creatine is one of the most popular ergogenic supplements taken by athletes and bodybuilders

Biocreatine’s creatine monohydrate is the highest quality, ultra pure, micronized German creatine, manufactured under GMP conditions. Creatine is one of the most popular ergogenic supplements taken by athletes and bodybuilders, with a wealth of solid scientific evidence that indicates that it improved endurance during intense exercise and that it leads to increased lean muscle gain. However, the health benefits of creatine are not limited to its actions is skeletal muscle, it also functions to enhance cognitive abilities and memory. Creatine also has neuroprotective properties, which make it a valuable tool in slowing down age related brain deterioration.Read More..

Fenugreek seeds contain a special kind of bioactive phytochemicals known as fenusides

Fenugreek extract is added to Biocreatine to ensure optimal absorption of creatine into cells without the use of high glycaemic index carbohydrates. Fenugreek seeds have a host of health benefits, but one in particular makes them a very useful ingredient of Natural Stacks’ Biocreatine, their ability to mimic the actions of glucose and enhance the uptake of sugar by cells. Since the creatine transporter is very similar to the glucose transport, insulin acts to optimise the absorption of creatine. For this reason many creatine supplements include a simple carbohydrate with a high glycaemic index.Read more..

BioCreatine ingredient himalaya salt

Biocreatine’s Himalayan pink salt ensures the optimal absorption of creatine in the digestive tract and uptake by cells while providing you with over 40 trace elements. Research has shown that creatine transport is dependent on sodium and chloride ions. Himalayan pink salt provides the sodium chloride required for this, so you can gain the maximum benefit from Biocreatine. However, unlike processed, refined table salt, this is not all that it provides. Himalayan pink salt is mined in Khewra mines at the foothills of the Salt Range in Pakistan. It is completely unrefined. The pink tinge is thought to be caused by the presence of iron oxide ore.Read more..

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