Marcin Wrzosek
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Marcin Wrzosek

"I love the Wicked supply of supplements from XBrain it really help me go harder and longer."

MARCIN"The Polish Zombie"WRZOSEK

MMA Fighter

Bio: Marcin Wrzosek

Marcin is a Polish Pro MMA fighter who is based near Nottingham,
England. He has fought some of the best fighters in Europe and amassed a
10-2 record with a current 4 fight win streak against a top undefeated
prospect who is now in the UFC and a world champion in Kickboxing.

This year will be huge for Marcin with many more top fights being
planned for him on some of the largest MMA promotions in Europe.

Marcin Wrzosek has joined Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber  to fight for the glory of Europe! It all kicks off on September 9! Ultimate Fighter

Marcin Wrzosek recommends:

"XBrain Line of Supplements  I love XBrain® line of products. They are safe and very effective in helping to enhance my body and allow me to train, fight, think and live at a much higher, cleaner, and clearer level. Whether you're looking for proteins, increase workout, I would highly recommend XBrain® products to everyone."

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    Kollagen Protein

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