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Stop Forgetting – Improve Memory Retention, Brain Fog, Recall, & Memory Decline
AZOTH Total Memory is designed to be an excellent Memory Booster to any stack.

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Are You Tired of Forgetting?

Are you tired of forgetting? Names, Dates, Events. Faces, What you just studied?
There are plenty of ways to supposedly improve your memory, or give it a boost…but the evidence behind these claims is essentially nonexistent.

Do you know what does have evidence?
Real, scientific evidence taken from clinical studies conducted on real people?
The 3 ingredients in our new memory supplement, AZOTH Total Memory do just that.

Total Memory is the only once-a-day memory pill that has been studied for over 35+ years, in 50+ Clinical Trials, on 600+ Human subjects of all ages (18-65+) to support recall, processing speed and increased learning capacity.
What’s even better is that it provides these benefits in just 1 convenient all-natural veggie capsule.

What’s In It?

AZOTH Total Memory Contains:

  • Synapsa® (Bacopa Monnieri >55% Bacosides) (320 mg) – It’s unlikely that anyone who has ever done any research on memory supplements hasn’t encountered Bacopa Monnieri. Bacopa Monnieri is often touted as the “Gold Standard” of memory supplementation and is one of the handful of supplements that have repeatedly (over 100 times) been clinically proven to support new memory formation and recall. The primary way in which it enhances your memory is by improving synaptic communication (ie. the ability for your brain cells to send and transmit signals) and by increasing blood flow to your brain. Anecdotal accounts of those using Bacopa Monnieri for study purposes frequently remark that it’s easier to recall new material and assimilate it as well. Every single product in the AZOTH line uses the highest standardizations of ingredients. When it comes to Bacopa Monnieri, we cut no corners.
    • When examining Bacopa Monnieri, we need to examine the Bacoside content – which is the only active part of the plant that gives it all of its cognitive benefits.
    • In Total Memory, we decided to use Synapsa®, which uses the highest form of Bacoside content on the market AND also preserves all of the herbs natural components. This makes Synapsa® the purest and most highest concentrated form of Bacopa Monnieri and is why the company behind it obtained a clinical patent on it.
  • Huperzine A (100 mcg) is an herb that has shown repeatedly to stop the main chemical (acetylcholine) in the brain responsible for memory, processing time, and acuity from degrading. This means that any aging related issues to your brain or any of the degradation caused by external factors such as stress, poor sleep, poor diet (very common) can be slowed or in some instances halted in in its tracks. This has massive consequences and it’s why so many users report that their years of brain fog lethargy, and general memory fatigue get instantly lifted.
  • Vitamin D3 (25 mcg) is arguably one of the most important vitamins that we get from nature, but the truth is that most of us (if not all of us living in the West in colder climates) maintain some deficiencies. It is often said that Vitamin D deficiency is an “undeclared pandemic” with over 50% of the entire world’s population being deficient. While a Vitamin D deficiency may not cause you a direct, noticeable problem, research with over 2,000 people has shown that even a slight drop in Vitamin D causes mood, anxiety, and short-term memory related problems. To date, Vitamin D3 is the first “go to” vitamin for anyone suffering from ANY cognitive issues – from mild brain fog to chronic, severe brain issues. The trick here is NOT to over do it. Science has shown that too much VItamin D3 can be detrimental, which is why we only used a small, but powerful dose of Vitamin D3 in Total Memory, the right amount used in every single clinical study to support its benefits.

How Should I Use It?

As a dietary supplement, use one (1) capsule a day with meal. Consult with a doctor before use. Take for at least 14 days to start noticing effects.Do not exceed recommended dosage.

What Will I Feel From Taking It?

  • Boost in Memory Recall*
  • Enhanced Multitasking Abilities*
  • Reduced Processing Time*
  • Increased Learning Capacity*

What Are The Main Features?

  • Works for all ages (18-65+)
  • Only 1 Capsule Required
  • 100% All-Natural
  • Trademarked & scientifically studied ingredients
  • Long-Term & Short Term Memory Formation*
  • Learning Capacity for Complex New Information*
  • Ability to Solve and Process Complex Information*
  • Memory Recall During Times of Extreme Pressure*

Can I Stack This With Other AZOTH Products?

Yes! AZOTH Total Memory is designed to be an excellent Memory Booster to any stack. All of AZOTH’s products are stackable as no ingredients overlap or cancel each other out.’ Check out the following pre-made stacks.

  • The Total Study Stack: This stack is created for those who are burning the midnight oil and need to retain information before a major event. Provides clean, long-lasting focus and boost in learning capacity and memory. Features Total Memory and Total Focus alongside AZOTH 3.0
  • The Silicon Valley Stack: This stack is created for those who are working in high-pressure environments, looking to increase mental stamina, motivation and confidence. Features Pure Energy, alongside Total Memory and AZOTH 3.0
  • The Presidential Stack: If you are an elite level professional, athlete, worker, or gamer and have no room for error, this stack is for you. It combines every single AZOTH product and gives you long lasting, controlled energy, laser-like focus, and recall speed that will leave your competition wondering what you’re on. Combines Total Memory, Total Focus Pure Energy, and AZOTH 3.0


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