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Build a better brain with Neurofuel from Natural Stacks – the original CILTEP® formula made with premium natural ingredients for enhanced focus, deep concentration and improved memory.

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Neurofuel is a dietary supplement made with natural ingredients formulated to enhance focus, alertness and motivation. Each bottle contains 45 vegetable capsules which serve as 15 servings – the recommended serving being three assures to be taken daily in the morning.

The recommended dose should not be exceeded and it’s also recommended to take two days off per week when using Neurofuel. The best results are reported to come when taking the supplement with a moderate dose of caffeine.

Why Choose NeuroFuel by Natural Stacks?

Do you ever find yourself experiencing “brain fog” or suffering from lapses in concentration throughout the day? Forgetfulness, dips in motivation and a lack of mental clarity are only human but it’s tough when they strike at the very worst times – when you’ve got a long to-do-list or an important deadline to meet.

Neurofuel is an all-natural supplement to support your brain throughout the day allowing you to meet your targets and achieve your goals. Neurofuel is designed to fuel a mental process known as Long Term Potentiation (LTP) which is regarded by many as the key to learning information retention.


When long term potentiation is enhanced, you can feel more alert, intellectually motivated and more creative in your daily professional and social life.

People who take Neurofuel have reported experiencing higher levels of motivation, better mental endurance, improved concentration and alertness, better moods and social easing as well as an enhanced attitude towards learning and information retention.

Neurofuel is made with premium natural ingredients meaning that you’re feeding your brain the best fuel possible to support neurotransmitters and greater communication between brain cells.


Enhanced mood
Enhanced mood
Improved alertness
Improved alertness
Increased motivation
Increased motivation


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