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Hydratech Instant is an electrolytepacked beverage powder that helps keep you hydrated and energized all day long. Its unique formula contains essential minerals to support healthy hydration, as well as natural coconut water for natural electrolytes and natural caffeine for an added energy boost. With Hydratech Instant, you can say goodbye to dehydration and fatigue and say hello to a healthy, energized lifestyle.

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Hydratech Instant: The Perfect Hydration Formula

Hydratech Instant is the perfect hydration formula for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to sugary and artificially flavored drinks. This drink mix is designed with both health and convenience in mind. It contains natural ingredients and electrolytes that help you stay hydrated during the day. It‘s easy to use, just mix it with water for a greattasting, healthy drink.

Hydratech Instant is made from the highest quality ingredients, including coconut water powder, Himalayan sea salt, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium citrate, and natural flavors. These ingredients help to replenish electrolytes and minerals which are essential for good health. The coconut water powder aids in hydration by providing natural electrolytes, while the Himalayan sea salt helps to balance the body‘s pH levels. The potassium and sodium citrate help to regulate the body‘s fluid levels, while the calcium citrate helps to support healthy bones and joints.

Why Choose HYDRATech™ Instant from Onnit?

The human body is 60% water and high intensity exercise and sport leads to dehydration. It’s incredibly important to retain optimal levels of hydration throughout the day and especially during activity to maintain and support your performance and health.

When you sweat, it’s not just water that’s leaving the body. There’s also key minerals and nutrients that are essential to performance being lost too. That’s where HYDRATech™ Instant comes in – it’s packed with electrolyte minerals to help restore your muscles allowing you to rehydrate quickly and effectively allowing you to power through and go the extra mile, especially on hotter days.

HYDRATech™ Instant is not only refreshing and physically beneficial to performance – it’s also delicious and is available in either lime or tangerine flavours, both of which are packed with bright, zesty tastes.

Benefits of HYDRATech Instant

Unlike many other sports drinks on the market, HYDRATech™ Instant is a low sugar, low calorie mixture. Many sports drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar to enhance their flavour, but this doesn’t necessarily support hydration and can have a negative impact on your teeth, eventually leading to tooth decay. HYDRATech™ Instant contains just 35 calories per serving, whereas other sports drinks can contain up to 120 calories.

HYDRATech™ Instant contains optimal levels of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium each of which has a unique beneficial effect on your body. Sodium helps reduce the amount of water lost during exercise as well as supporting both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Potassium which is abundant in green vegetables and fruits such as bananas is a mineral which provides support to the muscles and immune system. Calcium, as well as being a well-known booster of bone and dental health is a ket mineral for the nervous system and aids your brain in sending signals to your muscles.

Magnesium, commonly found in healthy foods such as beans, grains and green vegetables, supports metabolism and helps drive blood sugar into your muscles making it essential for exercise.

Hydratech Instant has a wide range of advantages. Throughout the day, it aids in keeping the body hydrated and fed. Along with delivering crucial nutrients for overall health, it also aids in boosting energy and concentration. Furthermore, it can lessen weariness and muscle cramps. Additionally, it is simple to combine and convenient for use anywhere at any time.

When it comes to increasing hydration levels without sacrificing flavor or health, Hydratech Instant is a fantastic option. It’s a fantastic technique to maintain your body’s hydration and energy levels throughout the day.

Benefits & Ingredients
Coconut water powder is a fantastic source of natural electrolytes, which keeps your body hydrated and nourished. Along with giving your body the nutrients it needs for optimum health, it also assists in controlling your body’s fluid levels.
Himalayan sea salt: Himalayan sea salt offers vital minerals and nutrients while assisting in pH equilibrium within the body.
Potassium citrate: This nutrient- and mineral-rich substance aids in controlling the body’s fluid balance.
Sodium citrate: This nutrient- and mineral-rich substance aids in maintaining the body’s fluid balance.
Calcium citrate: Calcium citrate is a dietary supplement that supplies vital minerals and nutrients while supporting strong bones and joints.


Assists With Fluid Balance
Assists With Fluid Balance
Formulated For Optimal Absorption
Formulated For Optimal Absorption
Supports Physical Activity
Supports Physical Activity


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